I’ve seen a few other bloggers do this, so I figured I would be a big fat copycat and do it, too. I figured I have a few new followers, and some who have wondered a little bit about me so here’s your chance, readers to….. *cue gameshow music*

Yes, that’s right. ANYTHING. Ask me a question in the comments, and I will answer it! Unless, of course, it’s offensive or overly-embarrassing. But I promise, as long as you keep it relatively clean (I’m not a PRUDE, just.. You know. Trying to keep things friendly 😉 ) and somewhat nice, I will answer! So now, my dear readers… It’s up to you.



  1. hmmm…. What "tradition" of your own are you planning on creating or recreating from your childhood with you new little girl?

  2. How many kids do you want and when do you plan on trying for number 2?

  3. YAY Natalie! Only 30 more days until your due date! How fun!Ummm, I feel like I already know a lot about you. But I will ask 3 Qs anyways:What was the first thing you bought for the baby, after you found out you were pregnant?What is your favorite Christmas song?What is the strangest thing you have eaten or craved to eat during your pregnancy?

  4. Pregtacular says:

    What is the first thing you're going to do once you're all free and clear of your pregnancy (and possibly breast feeding)? A meal of raw oysters, soft cheese and a few bottles of champagne? A roller coaster ride or two?

  5. Have you picked your pediatrician yet? They will visit every day in the hospital.Have you picked your childcare yet? Some may have a wait list and usually all require applications.Have you preregistered for labor and deliver? This is always a good idea so that you dont have to answer all their questions while actually in labor.Have you packed yours and Nellie's bag? It's almost time!!!!

  6. what's the square root of 4,837,262?

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