Nellie Rose in 3d

We had our 3d ultrasound yesterday. We definitely have a little girl. We were PRETTY sure, but now we’re 100%. She’s a she for sure!

The experience was amazing, and I’m so glad my dad gave this to us as a Christmas gift. It was truly unique and amazing. We received a DVD of the entire session, so we can watch her in motion whenever we like. She has her daddy’s nose and lips, and her mommy’s chin (notice the chin dimple in one of her pictures.. That comes from me!). She also inherited one of her daddy’s cheek dimples. You can see it when she smiles. She was pretty uncooperative at first – keeping her hands in front of her face for a long time. The woman had me roll to my side and eat a piece of chocolate – that did the trick! She yawned several times for us, made some really cute faces and stuck her tongue out. Anyway, here’s a few of our favorite pictures of little miss Nellie Rose!

We’re so in love with our little daughter. It was such an amazing experience. Now we have a little face to put with her movements; she has her own personality and we’ve seen it in motion… It makes those kicks and nudges even more precious. To any mommy to be contemplating getting this done, if you have the means I would HIGHLY recommend you do it. It’s well worth the money; this is something priceless to treasure forever!

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  1. magnificent_tears says:

    Natalie that is magnificent!I've never seen that before.How very very wonderful for you both. Merry Christmas to you three!

  2. Oh I LOVE it!!! What a great gift! I can't even imagine the excitement you felt! I can't wait to do the 3d too!!

  3. Isn't it a great experience? We had the 3D/4D ultrasound with Adrienne and it was superb. I definitely recommend it to all the mommas-to-be as I found it to be an incredible bonding experience. The pics are gorgeous!!

  4. She is so precious!!! I wanted one of these so bad, but when we tried Audrey was on her belly and WOULD NOT roll over. We tried twice… Oh well I will get to see her soon. Those are awesome pics and I am glad you got a video to cherish forever

  5. I told my mom about your Christmas present and guess what I'm getting now!!! I scheduled mine for Jan 11. I'll be 32 weeks. I can't wait!!

  6. KarmaPearl says:

    Lindsey – AWESOME! 32 weeks should be great – I was just at 34 weeks with ours and wish we'd have done it just a few weeks earlier. She was already head-down and gettin really cramped so it made it a little difficult to get great pictures right off the bat.

  7. Future Mama says:

    BEAUTIFUL pictures!! Oh my goodness she's beautiful!! I want to get a 3D ultrasound eventually! Was it worth it?Aand, I HOPE we can tie! haha, that would be awesome! Maybe they'll give us both $50! Or I wouldn't mind splitting it! :) You have such a great blog!

  8. KarmaPearl says:

    @FutureMama OMG, it was worth every penny. Even though I didn't pay for it (Christmas gift from my dad), I would have gladly paid the $150 it cost. And really, $150 wasn't that bad. We got 40 minutes of ultrasound, 4 picture print-outs, a disc LOADED with pics, and a DVD of the entire session. I didn't think in the beginning of our pregnancy that we would do it, but after getting our last routine ultrasound at 24 weeks we just couldn't resist the opportunity to sneak one last peek at our girl before she got here. I would highly, HIGHLY recommend it if you can afford it, or have someone get it for you as a gift.A tie would be awesome! You and I are really close. I knew that I'd have some really fierce competition with you, because you have such a great and popular blog! I look forward to your belly pics and your posts!!!!

  9. Busted Kate says:

    AH-MAY-ZING. Seriously, gives me goosebumps. YAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!!!!! Soooo frickin excited :-)

  10. KarmaPearl says:

    @Kate – I loved the one of her sticking her tongue out. It just gives us a little glimpse of her personality. Now Josh and I like to mime her being excited about something by sticking our tongues out and shaking our heads back and forth.

  11. How awesome!! So lucky to get to SEE her!!!

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