Are We There Yet?

I have a similar feeling to the one I used to get near the end of a school year.

You know the one; where summer is knocking on your door, beckoning you to come out and play and yet you still have to sit through tedious lessons that go in one ear, and out the other? Yeah, that’s kind of what the last few weeks of pregnancy are like.. Especially if you’re working until your due date.
I decided to play Super Woman and work until Nellie’s arrival. Not only did I feel confident that I would feel well and energetic enough to tackle such a task, but I also figured that the more time I get to spend with my newborn daughter after she’s born, the better. Why waste my precious 6-12 weeks (depending on finances) doing silly things like resting and nesting (isn’t that clever, I just thought of it)?
I’m starting to regret my decision, as the last few weeks have certainly caught up with me. My energy levels are at an all-time low, and I get tired to the point of almost falling asleep at my desk around 3:00 every single day. Walking is hard, sitting hurts, concentrating is almost impossible. I never, ever guessed that late pregnancy would take such a toll on me mentally and physically. I’m struggling to stay focused and train my coworkers to do my job in my absence. It’s like we’re racing; fighting and struggling to get all this information crammed into their brains before the little one gets here. Every day is a battle for me to keep my motivation to do at least a little work. Luckily my coworkers are all very understanding and accommodating. I know I haven’t been the easiest person to work around in the past 9 months, what with hormones and snappy mood swings. I am a very good employee, but the past few weeks I have been a very tired, worn-out and semi-mentally checked out one.
I’m ready for my break. I know that parenthood is by no means easy and I won’t get much more sleep than I’m already getting, but I anticipate spending time with our new baby girl isn’t going to feel much like work at all. Not only am I anxious to start a mini-work hiatus, but I’m also anxious to meet Nellie. Now that I am so tantalizingly close to The Big Day, I find myself almost mentally willing my body to go into labor. I casually mentioned to Josh the other night that sometimes, foot massages can trigger labor. He practically dragged me off the couch by my toes to get his hands on my feet. We’re both really excited and anxious for this girl to get here. We’ve been waiting for her for so long, now that the end is within our grasp, we have found ourselves outstretching our fingers and wiggling trying to grab it! Both Nellie and I have our hospital bags packed, the car seat is installed and her room is completely ready. All we need is her to arrive.
I, of course, want nothing more than for her to get here safely and soundly and if I have to wait a few more weeks for that to happen, so be it.
But I’m still going to try and get as many foot massages as I possibly can. You know. Just in case my body needs a little nudge.