My Busted Libs!

Okay, so I am participating in my friend Kate’s idea for Busted Libs.. It’s like MadLibs, but with a twist! This is the first one, so we’ll see how it goes!

The Rules: Copy and paste this section on to your blog. Fill out the blanks before you insert your words into the story (no peeking ahead!). I’m going to put the story in white so you won’t be tempted (let me know if that works ok for cutting and pasting!). Show your words (with the story still in white) first, and then re-post with the story in black (so everyone can see your masterpiece!).
Been a while since school? This might help:
Noun: Name of a person, place or thing. For example – books, tuna, Dennis, butterfly.
Adjective: Word that describes someone or something. For example – smart, interesting, cold, funny.
Verb: An action word. For examples – sleep, run, hop, skip.
Adverb Word that tells how something is done; it modifies a verb, and usually ends in -ly. For example – include quickly, softly, speedily, carefully.
Now that you’ve read the rules, go to Kate’s Blog Entry and copy the Busted Lib she’s posted, and paste it into your own blog entry and fill in the blanks!
My version of the Busted Lib is below. Don’t peek at the story, or you might be tempted to plug in words that fit and aren’t silly!

Your First Visit to the Reproductive Endocrinologist
Your first visit to a Fertility Specialist, also known as a Reproductive Endocrinologist (RE), can be [jolly] But don’t worry! Your RE can be your first step in finding both the cause of and solution to your infertility. Infertility problems can make you feel [jubilation] or [manic depression], however a good RE will take time to address these feelings. The RE may then do an examination of your [phlanges] visually or by using an ultrasound. The RE may also examine your partner’s [medula ablongata] for any signs of abnormality. The doctor will ask you some pretty person questions, like if your cervical mucus is [hairy] and [purple] , and if your menstruation looks [wacky] . The doctor may suggest that you have intercourse [sneakily] rather than [deliciously] , and for you to [pirouette] after intercourse. And don’t feel bad if you have fertility challenges, even famous celebrities like [Mickey Rourke] have received infertility treatment. The most important is to keep a [pointy] attitude, and to your [earmuffs] for support. Good luck in your journey!