To Nellie Rose: On Her Due Date

Dear Nellie,

Hey there baby girl. It’s your mommy. I am just writing to let you know that you are officially due today! I know I’ve been saying that you can come out for about 2 weeks, but now I mean it. Really. Come out! Your daddy and I are so anxious and eager to meet you. To hold you.. To give you so much love! I can’t wait to see what your little face looks like.. The color of your hair and eyes.. To smell your sweet baby smell. I am so excited that the each day that passes brings us a little closer to the day we get to hold you. I know that patience isn’t the best of my virtues. I’m just so ready to have you in my arms, little girl.

It’s a long road we’ve been down together, baby. I’m going to miss feeling you in my belly (right this very second, you have the hiccups!) but the moments that are yet to be make me feel so excited and full of anticipation. I promise you will like it on the outside. Your parents are pretty awesome, and we love you so much. There are a LOT of other people who want to meet you, too! Everyone is just waiting, Nellie…. Waiting for you. You’re so special.

Okay, sweetie. I’ve said my peace. If I have to be a little more patient, I guess that’s okay… Just know that if you don’t come out on your own soon, we’re going to have to come and get you! So.. Come out! Your day is here!

All my love,