Nellie Rose – 8 Weeks


  • More alert!
  • Holding head up like a pro!
  • Almost Hulking out of Newborn onesies!
  • Fighting sleep!
  • Fighting crime!
  • Okay, maybe not that fighting crime part. I don’t know why I said that, it’s obviously a lie. An 8 week old isn’t going to fight crime.

She’s got her 2 month appointment on Monday where she will receive her first round of vaccinations. Speaking of vaccinations, I’ll be sharing my opinions on them soon on a blog post here.
She is having her first overnight visit sans mommy OR daddy this weekend. Since I’ve got competition Friday and Saturday my mother in law graciously accepted my request to watch her overnight Friday. Depending on how things go she may also watch her Saturday night, we are just going to play it by ear. Also, NELLIE’S UNCLE DREW IS FINALLY COMING TO MEET HER THIS WEEKEND! I’M SO EXCITED, I MUST DECLARE MY EXCITEMENT TO YOU ALL BY TYPING IN ALL CAPS FOR THE DURATION OF THIS POST.

HERE’S NELLIE’S VIDEO: Registered & Protected

A Very Glittery (Not So) Wordless Wednesday

Route 41 – Dress Rehearsal

We are going to kick butt and take names.
We’re going to lock and ring our chords.
I am not going to forget my words or my notes.
I am going to take deep, calming breaths and use plenty of air to support my singing.
I am not going to be nervous.
I am going to be covered from head to toe in blue glitter.

We are going to knock ’em dead and make the other quartets realize that we’re gonna be a force to be reckoned with next year when we compete! Registered & Protected