WTF RETRO PHOTO! (Audience Participation Required!)

I need a personal assistant to write down and record brilliant blog ideas when they strike me at inopportune times. Like when I’m sitting on the toilet. Or when I’m in the shower. Or when I’m, you know, on a roller coaster or something. Not that I’ve ever gotten an idea for a blog entry when I was on a roller coaster, but it could happen right?

I digress.

I got an idea for a fun blog post last night while drifting off to sleep. Before I lost it, I scrambled for my cell phone and sleepily recorded the idea in my notepad. I don’t know what made me think of it, but I figured it would be good fun for everybody!

So here’s my idea. I’m going to post an old, embarrassing photo of myself from when I was a painfully awkward teenager with strange and fluffy hair. I’m going to explain the circumstances of the photo; where it was taken, what I was doing, what I was thinking with my wardrobe choice, etc. and I’m going to use that neat Mr. Linky Widget and I want you to submit your OWN Retro Photo: What Was I THINKING?! post and link it up on the widget. Sounds like fun, right?


That’s what I thought.

Okay, so here’s my photo:

I’ll just give you a second to take all of that epic win in.

That’s right. What’s the best part of this photograph?

The dress? The hair? The platform sandals with the white ankle socks?

Yes, folks, I have ALWAYS been as badass as I am right now.

So this is me at the tender age of fourteen. I had no fashion sense then, as I have very little fashion sense now. I remember buying that dress. That dress wasn’t actually a real dress; it was a cover-up for a bathing suit. Aaaaaaaaahhh yeah. A bathing suit cover-up that I wore AS AN EFFING DRESS. WTF. And those sandals. Dear God, those sandals. I remember very clearly buying those. I was going through my Skechers phase and I fell in love with those sandals. As if the flat platform-ness of them isn’t heinous enough, I felt it was a good idea to throw on WHITE ANKLE SOCKS. Yes, Teenage Natalie, VERY FASHIONABLE INDEED.

My “angular pyramid hair”.. I’m not real sure what’s going on with that business. I guess it was before I really was aware of how to handle my curls? I don’t know. It was summer, it was probably humid so that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

This photo was taken at my 8th grade graduation dinner. During the dinner all of the graduating class members (which was less than 15, I went to a small, private Lutheran school. Yes, me, I went to a Lutheran school and didn’t burst into flames upon walking through the doors) were given little gag gifts according to what they answer they gave on their graduation survey as to what they wanted to be when they grew up. I think I said “actress”. Yeah, I said “actress” which is not only oh-so-oirignal, but funny as hell because I can’t act to save my own life. Anyway I think what they gave me was a little “pretty princess” kit with a comb, brush, mirror, fake lipstick tube, etcetera.

Sigh. I know there are other, much worse photos of me in existence. My aunt actually has several of me documenting when I was about 12 and went through my “hay bale hair, IOU sweater and stirrup pants” phase. God help me if I ever track THOSE photos down.

So, now it’s your turn. Write your own WTF RETRO PHOTO post (WITH PICTURE!) and linnk it up here! Can’t wait to come and laugh at your awkwardness just like you’ve laughed at mine! Don’t be shy, share your epic “WTFness” with the whole blogging world!