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PreSeed Review and Giveaway

I was first tuned into PreSeed from my Trying to Conceive After Miscarriage message board. When you become a long-timer on a TTC message board, everyone starts swapping little tricks and tips here and there. TTC trends come in waves (like the Origin vitamins. For a few months, EVERYONE was using Origin vitamins). You have PreSeed, Sperm Meets Egg Plan, Origin Vitamins, Yoga, etcetera. When you become a long-timer, you become desperate to try just about anything. Anything to get that BFP.

My Lube Experiences (Semi TMI!)

Since TTC for so long and then being pregnant, the concept of TMI is dead to me, personally. I have no problem discussing all manners of bodily fluids, sex, birth, etcetera but I understand that not everyone shares my views. So you’ve been warned.
My husband and I have almost always used lubrication during sex. It’s just one of those things I personally have always needed. It’s been a long, hard road finding the Perfect Lube. I hate KY, and Astroglide’s not much better. We’ve tried the warming. The tingling. The minty. And they all suck (those warming ones, by the way, EFFING HURT LIKE A MOTHER.) After a while, even our standby Astroglide began to “irritate me”. So we used it sparingly. When we began TTC, a “sperm-friendly lube” never even occured to me. I had no idea that some lubrications can actually hurt sperm! But they can. That’s when I started paying more attention to the concept of “sperm-friendly lubricant”.


PreSeed has two different types of lubricant. They have Pre’ Isotonic Personal Lubricant. Some fun facts about Pre’ (from the website):

  • Pré® provides lubrication mild enough for every moment in the circle of life, including: tampon insertion, trying to conceive, pregnancy and breastfeeding, dealing with illness or pelvic pain disorders, and the physical changes of maturity.
  • Pré® is isotonic to the body’s secretions (e.g., same “salt” concentration as your body), whereas leading lubricants have a higher “salt” concentration which can lead to irritation in some users. In fact, in a 2008 survey of 2,000 women, 56% had experienced vaginal irritation from a lubricant, with over 35% experiencing it frequently. In contrast, Pré® has been shown in clinical studies at Ghent University to be less irritating than the top lubricants brands.

To add a personal note to this last bullet point, Pre’ and PreSeed are the only two lubricants that don’t irritate me “down there” in any way, shape, or form.

  • Pré® is recommended and used by numerous clinics specializing in fertility procedures and pelvic pain disorders (dyspareunia)


After a few months of using Pre’ and still not having success, I looked into the second product they offer which is their PreSeed Intimate Moisturizer. Now this stuff is a little bit different. Pre’ is formulated not to hurt sperm where PreSeed is formulated to actually mimic fertile cervical mucous and help sperm get where they need to go.
Fact about PreSeed (from the website):

  • Pre~Seed®’s patented formula was uniquely developed by a woman Sperm Physiologist to match fertile cervical mucus in pH, osmolality and viscosity, thus providing an optimal environment for sperm in women who are trying to conceive. Most lubricants harm sperm and should not be used while trying to conceive. Recent studies (see have reported that Pre~Seed®’s formula is the only vaginal dryness relief product that does not interfere with human sperm motility and DNA quality, or damage embryo development (in animal studies). Pre~Seed® is the only product allowed to say that it is “safe to use when trying to conceive.”

So basically, PreSeed mimics the most coveted and fertile of all cervical mucous: Egg White Cervical Mucous (EWCM for us TTC-savvy ladies).

  • Pre~Seed® applicators allow dosage to be chosen according to each woman’s needs. Pre~Seed® is applied inside the vaginal canal to best mimic natural secretions. This allows sperm to encounter an optimal environment following ejaculation, as they start their journey.

PreSeed comes in two different forms: in a tube with individual applicators, and also in individual packets.

My Experience With Pre’ and PreSeed: A Success Story

We used Pre’ first. I bought it because I was in search of a good lubricant that didn’t irritate my ladybits, and that wouldn’t hurt sperm. When I received the Pre’ I’m pretty sure we used it right away. I was instantly in love with it. It’s smooth, silky, and lasts a long time without having to re-apply. Even when not TTC, Pre’ is our “go-to” lube and I probably won’t ever use anything again. I actually prefer the consistency of the PreSeed over the Pre’. The Pre’ is a good lube, but the PreSeed is even silkier and feels more natural than the Pre’. And one of the things I loved about both of the products is that neither of them smelled bad. That’s one thing I always hated about lube; it stinks.

When my period arrived in April of 2009, it was the 9th failed attempt since we had decided to TTC again after the miscarriage. I fell into a deep funk and gave up. I felt hopeless; like it would never happen for us. I decided to quit trying. I ignored my charts, threw away my basal body thermometer and tossed my OPKs (ovulation predictor kits). I had already ordered my PreSeed, however, and decided that we’d at least put it to good use when we did have sex. We used the PreSeed in the tube with the individual applicators any time we had sex. Was it the sexiest and most romantic thing ever? Nope. Did it work?


The first and only time we used PreSeed was our 10th and final cycle TTC. We technically weren’t trying because I only had a very vague idea of when I was supposed to be ovulating. But amazingly, I found myself looking at a positive pregnancy test on May 9th, 2009… Almost an entire year after deciding to try again. All those months that had passed with no success and the first month we used the PreSeed is the month we got our BFP (Big Fat Positive!).

Since then, when I get asked for advice when it comes to TTC one of the first things that comes out of my mouth (or from my fingers, if it’s an internet friend asking) is, “Try PreSeed.” I wish I had tried it months before I did; it may have saved me a lot of heartache and disappointment of month after month of Big Fat Negatives.

I contacted PreSeed to see if they would help me share the awesomeness that is PreSeed with my readers… And they said YES!!! I am thrilled to announce my PreSeed Giveaway to you, dear readers! Here’s the scoop:

PreSeed is giving away – to THREE LUCKY READERS – ONE box of PreSeed Intimate Moisturizer Multi-Use! That’s right kids, three of you will win one box of this amazing product. It is a MUST HAVE for any couple who are TTC. Here’s how YOU can win:


  • Visit PreSeed’s “Who We Are” page and tell me something you learned from it in a comment. Be sure to include your e-mail address, Twitter username, or other method for me to contact you in case you win.


  • Become a follower of my blog. Comment saying you follow.
  • Follow me on Twitter AND Tweet about this giveaway: “TTC? Win PreSeed’s Intimate Moisturizer from @karmapearl! Mimics Fertile CM and Won’t Harm Sperm! #TTC“. Post the permalink of your Tweet in a comment. You can find your Permalink by clicking on the timestamp of your Tweet after you Tweet it, and copying the URL of the page that it takes you to. You can re-tweet once a day for an additional entry. Be sure to come back and leave a new comment for each time you Tweet!
  • Become a fan of PreSeed on Facebook. Leave the name you can be found under on Facebook in a comment.
  • Follow PreSeed on Twitter. Leave your Twitter user ID in a comment.

Remember, there will be THREE winners for this giveaway. This giveaway is open to U.S. Residents ONLY. You have until April 27th, 2010 at 10:00 PM EST to enter this giveaway.


Lambkins Wubbanub Giveaway Winner!

Congratulations to Julia, who won herself a brand new Wubbanub!

You will be hearing from me shortly to get your info to pass along to Nichole @ Lambkins! Congratulations, and thanks to all who participated!

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VLog – Bandwagon, WAIT FOR ME.

So I don’t know if it’s ACTUALLY “Vlog Day”, or if people are just posting vlogs and CALLING it Vlog Day, but I’m going to post one that I literally just took, because I like to do things last minute and shit.

So here’s my Vlog, that’s really short. It features me in my chubby, shiny-faced glory, a special appearance by my baby, and me rambling about Dancing With the Stars and the fact that it’s witchcraft.


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