Nellie Rose – 12 Weeks

For those of you who are new to my blog, every Wednesday (with the exception of last week) I post a “Happy Birthday Nellie” video. Nellie was born on a Wednesday and I thought this would be a cool way to document the first year of her life.

Nellie is 12 weeks old today. This time exactly 12 weeks ago I was emerging from my Stadol-induced silliness, marveling at the fact that I pushed a baby out of my vagina, and cringing as the epidural wore off and I began to feel the pain of my 2nd degree tear in said vagina. Also, please note my amazing BROWNCOAT shirt.

Now that you are officially acquainted with me, Nellie, and my vagina, here’s Nellie’s 12 week video!

I feel like I am grabbing Time by the tail, digging in my heels as it careens crazily forward and begging it to stop. Oy. Vey.

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The Article ‘Fatal Distraction’ – My Take

This Pulitzer Prize winning article “Fatal Distraction” was brought to my attention by Jill at Baby Rabies. The article centers around the cases of parents forgetting their children in hot cars, and finding them dead. I warn you right now, it’s an incredibly hard article to read and it made me sick. I literally wanted to throw up. You can read the article here, and please do before continuing on to my thoughts.

The beginnings of my thoughts are copied from the comment I left on Jill’s post.

It was an amazing article, and one that I felt nothing but anger toward the offending parents throughout, and sympathy and sorrow for those babies that died. The line where the woman talked about the child pulling all her hair out before she died? I literally almost vomited. My stomach lurched and I looked down at my sleeping 12 week old in my arms and I wanted to throw up.

I’m not having the same views as a lot of the other commenters. This article was amazingly written, and I think it’s very important to bring stories like this forward so parents can become hypervigilant and aware of their children. I am going to say the thing that hundreds of other parents have said: This could NEVER happen to me. And I know that a bunch of people who were in this article said the same thing, but THIS. COULD. NEVER. HAPPEN. TO. ME.

This article made me angry. And sad. And sick. I feel bad for the parents who did these things. I’m not going to say “who this happened to” because it’s not like it was some random catastrophic event. They left their children in hot cars until they DIED. The one woman who stated that it felt like “God had taken her child away from her while she was at the peak of happiness” made me want to scream. It’s not like that baby died of cancer, or of SIDs, or of anything else that couldn’t have been prevented. SHE left her baby in that car. God didn’t leave that baby in her car. SHE DID. On one hand I understand that maybe her brain cannot process the fact, and that she has to feel like maybe it was some sort of injustice toward her that made it “happen”. In my mind, she is responsible.. Plain and simple. I don’t care if you are distracted. I don’t care if your cellphone is ringing off the hook and you have a THOUSAND other things on your mind. NOTHING IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE SAFETY OF YOUR CHILD. And I’m sorry. “If you can forget your cell phone, you can forget your child”? I’m sorry but my Pink LG Chocolate slide phone is not the same thing as the tiny human being that I carried for nine months, gave birth to, and who is solely reliant on me and my husband to keep her safe.

My opinion may not be popular, and people may shake their head at me and say, “Never say never” in regards to my statement that it could never happen to me. I stand by it. And no, these people aren’t bad people or parents. But they also aren’t victims of some horrible accident that couldn’t have been prevented.

I feel pity for these parents, because I cannot imagine the amount of guilt they now carry, and the hell that their lives have become. I cannot fathom what it would feel like to be directly responsible for the death of your child. Not even a little bit. Ugh. I need to go snuggle Nellie for the rest of the day (she’s passed out on my lap right now).

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