Review – Anima Soap

I was contacted by Robert with Anima Soap asking if I’d care to review his products on my blog.

WOULD I? Of course. I’m always on the lookout for good products that I can use on little miss Nellie and luckily, Anima Soap has a bar soap that’s just for baby!


The package of soaps arrived in the mail extremely quickly, which is good, because I’m impatient.

I was given two types of soap to review; the Anima scented grapefruit bar and the Anima unscented baby bar. The grapefruit bar lives up to its’ name; it smells fresh and delicious. And the unscented baby soap is, well, unscented.

About Anima Soap

  • Anima Soap is packaged in 95% recycled packaging, and there is NO animal testing!
  • From the website:

    The big brand soaps are not good for us or the planet.* They contain chemicals and synthetics that damage the human body. The planet is a complex web. When we use products that cause damage to the human system we damage every system on the planet. They get into the soil, the water, into the food supply and back into us.

    Anima Soap is a company that is good for people and is committed to protecting that which is sacred. People now have access to a bar of soap that is of high quality, in balance with the planet and priced with bars of soap most commonly used, a grapefruit scented organic based bar for $1.89. Soaps of this quality, made with organic oils, cost $5 a bar and upwards. This business model sacrifices profit margin in the interest of doing what is good and right. Anima is the latin word for soul. This company has a soul, a conscience. So long as it exists, it will produce products that put human and ecological values first.

About the grapefruit bar:

  • The soap is in a square bar.
  • Ingredients: water, certified organic palm oil,
    certified organic coconut oil, grapefruit essential oil,
    rosemary extract, lye

That’s it! No synthetic crap, no preservatives.. Just natural ingredients, which is fantastic.

My Thoughts on the Grapefruit Bar

I really like this soap. It’s happily parked on my sink in the guest bathroom and I use it as my normal hand soap now. It’s not drying, it smells fantastic and it’s a good all-around soap. I haven’t used it on my face (it’s advertised as a face and body soap) because my skin is super picky and I don’t like changing up my regimen because usually, new soap + my skin = breakouts that would make a hormonal teenager cringe. But I love it as a hand soap!

About the Baby Soap

  • It, too, comes in a square bar.
  • Ingredients: water, certified organic palm oil,
    certified organic coconut oil, certified organic
    jojoba oil, rosemary extract, lye
  • It’s unscented, and is NOT a tear-free formula. So be gentle around baby’s eyes!!

My Thoughts on the Baby Soap

My review on the baby soap isn’t quite as glowing, but it’s not quite negative, either. I am picky when it comes to the soap I use on Nellie, and so far I have only found one that I am pleased with. I’ve tried the normal Johnson & Johnson baby soap, the lavender scented stuff, Burt’s Bees, etc and there’s only one that I’ve been utterly pleased with (I will be reviewing it later so stay tuned).
I’m not crazy about baby soap in the form of a bar; I prefer a pump or something I can pour. It’s just easier for me, personally. This stuff lathered great, went on nicely and came off nicely which is really important to me. It didn’t leave Nellie feeling all slimy or with a residue, which I’ve had happen with some of the other soaps I’ve tried. I personally prefer my baby soaps to have a little bit of a fragrance to them, which this doesn’t. BUT, for a babe with sensitive skin (which Nellie doesn’t have, thankfully) this soap would probably be GREAT due to its’ unscented, fragrance-free nature. I probably won’t use this on Nellie again, where I will definitely use the body bar for hand-washing and will eventually give it a whirl as a body soap, too.

Anima Soap is a great and affordable product if you’re looking for a soap that’s organic and doesn’t have any icky synthetics or preservatives in it. Organic products are ridiculously expensive but luckily, this stuff is NOT. Which I love! Affordable = fantastic. So where can you buy the soap, and how much does it cost?

Well, I’ll tell you.

Check out Anima Soap’s website.
They offer soaps in the following packages:

  • 5 pack of the Grapefruit bar for $9.45
  • 10 pack of the Grapefruit bar for $18.90
  • 5 pack of the unscented Baby Bar for $9.45
  • Anima Family 15 pack (10 Grapefruit bars, 5 Baby Bars) for $28.35
  • Anima friends and family bulk (40 Grapefruit bars) for $75.60

In closing, if you are looking for a quality, AFFORDABLE, organic soap, you need to check these out. I wasn’t madly in love with the Baby Bar, but you may be! And at such a reasonable price, you’re really not losing anything if you end up less than crazy about it. The Grapefruit, bar, I highly recommend. I really do love the light, fruity scent.

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Dear Upstairs Neighbors

Dear Upstairs Neighbors,

Hi! It’s your friendly downstairs new mommy. We haven’t formally met, but my name is Natalie. I don’t care what your name is. I’m talking and you’re listening.

I know for the past, oh, 3 months there has been a screaming, crying, howling infant in my apartment. Trust me. I KNOW. We’re the ones who, in the beginning, got woken up at 10, 12, 2, 4, 6, and 8 by her. So trust me. I’M AWARE THAT MY BABY CRIES. She can’t help but cry. She’s a baby. I can’t stop her from crying. SHE’S A BABY.

That being said, the next time you feel compelled to stomp through your apartment as if you are practicing for some kind of Mr. Heavyfoot Convention and wake up my baby from a nap, I will let YOU deal with the snarling, shrieking, thrashing Crank Monster that she becomes. I will let YOU rock her back to sleep as she bucks and twists and SCREAMS every time her little eyes start to flutter closed because she is overtired FROM BEING WOKEN UP FROM A 30 MINUTE NAP.

The next time your kid decides to run and yell RIGHTOUTSIDEHERWINDOW, YOU will be the one who deals with her as she squirms and fights off sleep like some sort of crazed badger swaddled in pink.

You’re already famous on my blog from a previous post. Don’t make me sic my readers on you. THEY WILL END YOU.

No. Effing. Love,
Angry Mama Natalie

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