Make A Mother’s Day – Mother’s Day Flower Project

I was contacted by Danielle with the Jewish Women’s International about something they’re doing for Mother’s Day called the Mother’s Day Flower Project. Basically, the Mother’s Day Flower Project is an event where donors can designate honorees to receive Mother’s Day cards (sent by JWI), and they use part of the money raised to send bouquets to 150 battered women’s shelters across the U.S. The rest of the proceeds fund a number of other projects (year-round efforts) to help at-risk women become independent, comfort kids living in abuse shelters, and teach teens about healthy relationships and financial literacy.

Now, I’m not Jewish but I am a Mother and I’m all about helping out other Mothers, and women, in general. I think it’s a very noble and worthy cause, and would be pleased as punch if you’d spread the good word yourself.

Feel free to use the button on the left hand side of my blog and paste it to yours. If you’d like to write your own post about the Mother’s Day Flower Project, please do so.

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