New Monthly Feature – Frisky Friday

Hey ya’ll. It’s time for a brand spanking (tee hee) new monthly feature on Hope Springs Eternal, and this one is for adults only. Like, 18+ only. Also, if you are a family member or close friend of mine and prefer NOT to hear about my bedroom exploits with my husband, then this logo right above this text will warn you to just ignore this blog post.

Because I am now reviewing adult toys and products once a month.

If you are an adult, and don’t mind hearing about various marital romps and “bedroom aid” products, carry on. These posts will always be tactful and subtle, yet they will feature photos of the products we’re trying out and obviously I will have to review them honestly.

So without further ado, here is the first Frisky Friday post at Hope Springs Eternal!


Here’s where the frisky stuff starts so if you’re uncomfortable, now’s the time to leave.

Alrighty then. So this month, I reviewed the InnerVibe Duet vibrating C-Ring. If you are curious as to what a C-Ring is, check out the Wiki site’s definition: here. But I bet you can probably tell what it is from the image:

Click on the picture to be taken to the InnerVibe Duet’s page on EdenFantasys.

This C-Ring is a little different than your run-of-the-mill ones. This one includes dual vibrators for his-and-her pleasure. Before I get to my review of the InnerVibe Duet, here are a few specs on the item:

Material: TPR Silicone
Texture: Noduled
Safety Features: Phthalates-free/hypoallergenic/latex-free
Color: Baby blue
C-Ring Style: Stretchy ring
Max. Stretch Diameter: 3″
Unstretched Diameter: 1 1/8″
Weight: .1 lb
Special features: Waterproof, Removable bullet, double bullets
Powered by: 3 watch batteries
Control type: Push button

Now that the technical stuff’s out of the way, let’s get onto the review!

Josh and I decided to give this a whirl on a whim the other day. I wanted to wait until we could get a sitter for the baby so we could take our time, but who knows when that might be? After Nellie had been napping for almost an hour, we were making out a little when he waggled his eyebrows at me and suggested we tried it. After some balking on my part I finally gave in and said, “Okay, but we have to hurry.” Anyone who is a parent knows that your window of opportunity for Hanky Panky is very narrow, and I knew we were pushing it anyway because she’d already been down for close to an hour. So I scrambled off the bed, ripped my clothes off in record time and retrieved the InnerVibe.
Now, we’ve used a C-Ring with a vibrating bullet before and the results were rather unfortunate. It was too tight, the material was most certainly NOT STRETCHY and let’s just say there was some chafing involved. Plus the vibrator on the bullet was so strong I was fairly certain it was going to pulverize the most tender part of my vayjayjay into a fine dust. NOT. FUN.

This one, however, was better. Josh says it was still a bit too tight, but it was more comfortable than the other one we had tried. The vibrations were nice and strong, but not TOO strong. The rubber nodules wrapped around helped muffle the vibes, so to speak to a nice level. I had to take control of the situation so I could get into a good rhythm of what felt good. It took a while to get the positioning right but once I did, it felt great. We tried to do the basic missionary position when my wrists started to get tired from being on top and leaning over, but that didn’t work out so we returned to the first position we’d tried.

I don’t know how long we were going at it, but it was at one point that something didn’t feel quite right. Something was missing. I thought that the battery on my side had died but didn’t think it was possible as I still heard a faint buzzing. After climbing off my husband and checking, however, I confirmed what I’d thought: The battery on my side was petering (no pun intended) out. With a sigh, we rotated the C-Ring and I used the side that had been on my husband’s previously. And we were back in business! We resumed our activity and I got closer and closer to O-Town. I could see the gates of O-Town when suddenly, my buzzy little friend started to crap out on me again. Frustrated, we rotated it back and used the OTHER side that had been originally mine. The battery was back to being strong and once again, I got so close I could SEE it and… You guessed it. Bye bye, battery.

We repeated the “flipping over” process until the thing just died on us completely. We decided we would just finish separately since we were pretty sure the baby was going to wake at any second so I got mine, and sure enough as soon as I’d finished and was crawling back over to Josh to lend a helping hand, the baby started to cry.

So, my poor hubby went unsatisfied and we both ended up a little frustrated at how close we came (pun intended) to a great experience.

Pros of the InnerVibe Duet:

  • We liked the stretchy material on the C-Ring, even if it was a little tight on my husband’s “guy”.
  • I liked the way the vibrations felt; the soft stretchy nodules felt good to rub against and the vibration wasn’t too hard or numbing.
  • The small bullet fit snugly between us an wasn’t bulky or in the way.

Cons of the InnerVibe Duet:

  • The batteries aren’t replaceable. And obviously, don’t last any longer than 45 minutes because that’s about the length of time we were romping.. If that long. It didn’t feel like it was that long.

All in all, it’s not a bad value for $11.99. It’s actually a pretty quality item for that price as long as you view it pretty much as a one-trick pony item. Unless you can get off at the drop of a hat, you’re looking at one use out of this bad boy. In hindsight, if we hadn’t just jumped from zero to sex in half a minute and had taken the time to get me a little more aroused, it probably would NOT have taken me so long to reach O-Town. But we didn’t, so this item didn’t work out as well for us as we’d hoped. But I would pay $11.99 for it, because it did feel good while we were using it!

If you enjoyed this post, keep your eyes peeled for next month’s Frisky Friday.

Happy Sexing!

I was given the opportunity to review this product because of my participation in EdenFantasys‘ review program. I received no monetary compensation and was given this product for review purposes. The opinions expressed in this post are entirely honest and my own.