Madeline Alice Spohr

I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting the Spohrs in real life and unfortunately, never had the honor of reading their blog while their daughter Madeline was still alive. I first learned about her from The Bloggess, who wrote a post when Madeline died. That’s how I became familiar with the Spohrs and their lives and how I “met” their beautiful daughter, Maddie.

I don’t have any pretty, flowery words about Maddie and her life because I didn’t know her. I do know that I’ve felt connected to Heather in a few different ways, many of them superficial. She can sing and so can I. Her precious daughter, Annabel was born just two days after Nellie. And she has a great sense of humor. I admire her in more ways than she will probably ever know.

What happened to them sucks and isn’t fair. My heart cannot fathom the pain they have been through and are still going through. I just read Heather’s post to Madeline and broke down into tears. Before I was a mother, I had sympathy for the Spohrs. Now that I’m a mother, I feel like hyperventilating when I think of anything happening to Nellie. I simply cannot wrap my mind around how she (and her husband) have survived without Maddie.

If you don’t know who Maddie is, do yourself a favor and visit this site. Heather, I know you probably will not read this post but if you do please know that myself and thousands of other women in the world are crying with you today. You are in so many hearts, and you and beautiful Maddie have touched so many lives. From one mom to another, you are an amazing woman with two amazing and beautiful daughters.

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  1. You are so right! I do not know what I would do if something happened to Audrey

  2. Teresha@Marlie and M says:

    I know that feeling all moms get when we read or watch a story about a child's death. we all grieve together. it's just too awful to contemplate and makes me hug my baby tighter.

  3. Michelle says:

    I still really can't read this blog…. The similarities between Maddie and Liam are just too much for me. 11 weeks early; 68 day NICU stay. Liam was 14 oz lighter…and a boy–two disadvantages. I just can't handle it.

  4. The Pet says:

    Oh, man, I remember when I found out about her. I was reading and she had posted about her.

    The video the family put together for her had me sobbing. Such a sweet little girl.

  5. One more mother crying over Heathers loss. Like every other mother I can not imagine losing one of my children, and still survive, let alone live. Heather is a hero to many.

  6. Christina Lee says:

    yeah… I know, it is so very heart-wrenching. They are brave just to wake up every single day and go on.

  7. Christine says:

    It is an awesome and wonderful thing that we can feel each other. We mothers may not know each other personally, but the Motherhood is a very strong and powerful thing.

    My heart goes out to Heather and every mother that has lost a child. Heartbreaking.

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