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Once upon a time, @MomNom, @jennandtonica, @emmie_bee, @heirtoblair, and @ColeEmmett were talking about home decor on Twitter. We thought it would be so great to be able to see each other’s homes! A *bunch* of other tweeps joined in, @Alena29 put together a terrific button, and #twitterhometour (or #twitterhouseparty) was born! Feel free to join us – add a link to your home tour post (pictures, video, or both!) below.

Okay. So. Here’s the thing about my photos. First, they’re photos. Not a video. Second, we don’t have any cleverly placed pillows, bookends, or anything fancy. We are very, very simple people when it comes to decorations. Our furniture is hand-me-down. The same goes with Nellie’s nursery; it’s not clever, or swanky, or chic. It’s simple, functional, but everything was picked out with our little lady in mind.
My apartment is a capital D-isaster and I have had no time to clean it up. So what you are going to see, basically, are photos of the various elements that make our place ours. You’ll find little tidbits of geekery and little hints of where/who we come from. So without further ado..

Now, I have no fancy photo editor programs and I can’t afford the premium version of this one to add text. So if you see a picture that you have a question about, just ask!

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. I love this idea!!! Am totally gonna join in, just as soon as this week of INSANITY is over. Thanks for sharing! LOVE the butterflies! <3

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog at the UBP! I'm excited to be following yours!

  3. Heidi - D says:

    I love pictures. I really enjoyed that you shared yours during your tour! Enjoyed your post, and your home! Thanks for sharing!!!

  4. Love it! Also, love the movie posters :)

  5. I love the photo montage idea – would have made my post a lot shorter! Very cute!

  6. I like what you did with your home tour. I liked how you told who you were, not what you live in :)

  7. Krista @ Not Mommy o says:

    Oh, what a great way to show your place and your details. I loved it.

  8. Ooh, I loved seeing up-close details!

  9. Worrybook says:

    Great job! I am totally stealing this for my blog…eventually…

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