So, unless you live under a rock (or, you know, don’t blog) then you are aware of a teensy, tiny, eensy weensy event going on in fabulous New York City this weekend called BlogHer.

Ah, yes. BlogHer. AKA: The event that every other blogger on the face of the effing planet is attending besides me.

Not really, but from my Twitter feed today you’d think I was the only one not going. I do, in fact, have a few friends who are poor and unable to attend like yours truly. But seriously, my Twitter feed is blowing up with 140 characters of excited:
“Times Square! *with Twitpic*”
“Just got my cab, I’m on my way to BlogHer!”
“Just got on the airplane!”
“Having coffee today with @soandso and @whatshername!!!”

And it’s that last one that gets the little twingy green eyed lady of jealousy inside me stamping her teensy little feet yelling, “I wish that was me!” I’ve come to be such good friends with so many people via Twitter and blogging, I feel like I know you all so well and yet… We’ve never met. The chance to meet some of my fave fellow mamas would be so amazingly exciting. Not to mention the opportunity to catch a glimpse of, and possibly even talk to, some of my blogging idols and people who I feel are WAY above my level of coolness would be so awesome.

So, I will be home this weekend, living vicariously through everyone else’s Tweets and longing to be schmoozing it up at BlogHer parties. It may be for the best, though, because for weeks I’ve been seeing Tweets from fashion-savvy girls asking opinions on this dress, and these shoes, etcetera. If I were to go to BlogHer, I’d be showing up to parties in jeans and tank tops/blouses, most likely. I may throw on a nice pair of flats, but as far as fancy outfits and dresses go? I’m just not that concerned.

My goal is to attend BlogHer next year. I want to start socking some funds away now, making some plans, and possibly looking for partial (hell, or even full) sponsors so I can attend the Coolest Party Ever in 2011 and finally get the chance to meet some of my ‘net buddies.

Until then, you get to read my whiney, bitter Tweets with the hashtag #toocoolforBlogHer.

I’m @karmapearl, hit me up, fellow homebound bloggers.

*crickets chirp*

So, uh, this is probably the longest I’ve gone between blogs in a while. The reason things are so quiet around here is that my blog is transitioning! What sort of transition, you say? Well, after much encouragement and buzz over, I decided to make the switch!!! I’m looking forward to see what WP has to offer, since so many of my Bloggy Buddies sing its’ praises. I wasn’t aware that I COULD blog during the transition until my loverly buddy Katie told me I COULD blog during the switcheroo, so blogging I am.

It’s going to be quiet on Twitter and the Blogosphere thanks to a little event going on this weekend called BlogHer… Or, as I like to call it, THE EVENT THAT I CAN’T GO TO. I’ve decided that I’m going to make my own hashtag on Twitter called #toocoolforBlogHer.

Not to say that if you are lucky enough to attend BlogHer you’re NOT cool… You’re just not as cool as me and the, you know, four other bloggers who aren’t going this year.

Bitter, much? It’s all good. I’m hoping and planning to make it next year. It’d tickle me crapless if they decided to hold it in Atlanta or Nashville, both of which are a mere two hours from me. Seriously… Craplessly tickled.

Okay, so look for big changes around here soon.

Oh, and I know I didn’t make a Body After Baby Project post this week… I’m sorry to all who are participating but a post WILL be up next week! Promise!