Body After Baby Project: Week 8

I think it’s safe to say that my initial goal of 10 pounds in 10 weeks is a bust. I wanted to be 10 pounds lighter by the end of August and I doubt I’ve even lost one pound. So, it’s time to reassess my goals.

I have been struggling to find time to work out. Since my husband works 12 hour shifts (7 AM to 7 PM), and I am almost always either:

A: Driving him to work, then driving the baby to her Gran’s, then driving myself to work.
B: Putting the baby to sleep
C: Running errands
D: Sleeping

Time for exercise is rare. I could sneak in the occasional walk if it weren’t a thousand degrees outside. So I’ve made a few small, attainable goals for myself.

1. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.
2. Walk at least 20 minutes ONE DAY A WEEK.
3. Stop eating out so much.
And my last one is a big one. It’s huge. It’s gigantic.

4. Get down to a size 14 & BE FIT by Blog Her 2011.

I spent much of my weekend enviously reading my friends’ Tweets from the Blog Her conference in NYC. I found myself sighing longingly, thinking about it, and even dreaming about the damn conference that I wasn’t able to make this year. After reading Tweets and seeing pictures from the Sparklecorn party last night, I made up my mind. I’m going, damnit. Blog Her 2011 is going to be in SAN EFFING DIEGO next year, but that’s not going to stop me. I’m going to start socking money away NOW, and begin looking for a sponsor whom I love and who will love me back NOW. My goal is to look smashing at the cocktail parties next year, and my body is comfortable at a size 14. I also want to be healthy and fit by Blog Her 2011.

So this event is a year away. One year. I can do this.

So what about you, mamas? How is everyone doing? Have you met your goals, had to reassess, or fallen off the wagon completely like me? It’s okay if you have. None of us are perfect, and there is always time to start anew.

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