Major Overhaul

I was moved by the spirit of a crazy person yesterday.

I’m about to do something to this blog that’s either going to be great, or a very stupid decision on my part.

I’m giving it a complete and utter overhaul.

I’m not just talking appearance. I’m talking name, too. I am changing my blog’s name, and my Twitter identity to match it. I’ve been feeling like my social identities are disjointed for a while, and I also feel like I’ve changed past my blog’s name. Hope Springs Eternal fit me right after our miscarriage, and during our struggles to conceive… But it doesn’t, really, anymore. So I’m changing the name and the look of my blog.

So when you see a new blog pop up in your reader, or get an email with an unfamiliar blog name, fear not. It’s me. Same ole’ me. I’d tell you what the blog’s name is going to be, but I’d have to kill you if you were to find out prematurely.

Hopefully the change will occur within the next few days.

Stay tuned……