*crickets chirp*

So, uh, this is probably the longest I’ve gone between blogs in a while. The reason things are so quiet around here is that my blog is transitioning! What sort of transition, you say? Well, after much encouragement and buzz over WordPress.org, I decided to make the switch!!! I’m looking forward to see what WP has to offer, since so many of my Bloggy Buddies sing its’ praises. I wasn’t aware that I COULD blog during the transition until my loverly buddy Katie told me I COULD blog during the switcheroo, so blogging I am.

It’s going to be quiet on Twitter and the Blogosphere thanks to a little event going on this weekend called BlogHer… Or, as I like to call it, THE EVENT THAT I CAN’T GO TO. I’ve decided that I’m going to make my own hashtag on Twitter called #toocoolforBlogHer.

Not to say that if you are lucky enough to attend BlogHer you’re NOT cool… You’re just not as cool as me and the, you know, four other bloggers who aren’t going this year.

Bitter, much? It’s all good. I’m hoping and planning to make it next year. It’d tickle me crapless if they decided to hold it in Atlanta or Nashville, both of which are a mere two hours from me. Seriously… Craplessly tickled.

Okay, so look for big changes around here soon.

Oh, and I know I didn’t make a Body After Baby Project post this week… I’m sorry to all who are participating but a post WILL be up next week! Promise!

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