Back to Blogging Day 4: Inspirational Women

Today’s topic on the B2B Challenge is to write about a woman who inspires us.

This is a really difficult topic for me, because I have had a definite lack of inspirational women in my life. A lot of people will probably write about their mothers, which you will certainly not find me writing about. That’s a long story for another blog post entirely.

I have been sitting here wracking my brain, trying to come up with a woman who inspires me and everything I’m producing seems so hollow and false. Who the hell inspires me? WHAT inspires me?

A lot of women who blog inspire me. The Bloggess and her hilarious writing encourage me to be funny. She reminds me that it’s okay to swear on your blog and use run-on sentences as long as you have your reader in stitches. Every time I read a blog entry of hers, I shake my head and say aloud “I will NEVER be that funny.”

Kristine inspires me. Do you know Kristine? Her daughter, Cora, died in her arms at five days old when she was breastfeeding. Cora had a CHD that wasn’t detected. Since that nightmarish night in December, Kristine has been working her tail off to raise awareness for CHD by diving into social media, setting up a non-profit in Cora’s name and encouraging people to wear Pink for Cora on the 30th of each month. Kristine inspires me because if I had lost my daughter, I would be a gigantic ball of anger and jealousy.. But she is always kind, gracious, and honest. You can’t not like Kristine.. It’s pretty much physically impossible.

Another blogger who inspires me is Heather Spohr. If you’ve been blog reading for a while you probably know who Heather is. Her beautiful daughter, Maddie, died in 2009. Shortly after Maddie’s death Heather found out she was pregnant. She gave birth to Anabelle in January of 2010.. Anabelle is actually about 2 days younger than Nellie. Heather’s story is heartbreaking. Every time I read an entry about Maddie I end up in tears. She is honest, and her pain is raw and real. She inspires me as a mother because I honestly don’t know how she carried on after the death of Maddie. Her blog is sweet, and hilarious, and she’s a great writer.

Well, I guess that wasn’t quite as difficult as I was making it out to be… It just required a little bit of thought which I suppose is the whole root of this challenge. It wouldn’t be a blog challenge if it didn’t require a little effort, would it?


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