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Hey there everyone! As you may have noticed, I took a little break from giveaways for a while. I was doing one every two weeks and it was really exhausting! I took the summer off, but am happy to announce the return of giveaways here on my blog! In fact, this is the very first giveaway since the BIG SWITCH from Hope Springs Eternal to Mommy Boots. I’m excited to feature an Etsy artist named Courtney, and her shop Spoiled Rotten Designs!

I contacted Courtney waaaaay back in April or so, and we agreed to do a giveaway for a diaper organizer sometime in July. Well, life got in the way and Courtney and her family moved across the country. Yikes! But she’s back in business now, and I’m excited to feature something adorable from her!

The organizer when closed

...... When Open .....

So you may be asking yourself, “Why do I need a diaper organizer? That’s what a diaper bag is for, isn’t it?”
And to you I say, NO! NO IT’S NOT, AT ALL! My husband shares your skepticism. Your diaper bag is all well and good, but what happens when you are out and about BY YOURSELF with your little one? You’re having a fabulous time, shopping and soaking in the compliments that your precious babe is getting from strangers when all of a sudden, it happens. The worst possible thing that could happen when you are on an outing with your baby:
The smell. You know what smell I’m talking about. The smell that lets you know that your precious little spring flower has a precious little surprise waiting in her diaper. So here’s the scenerio. You take yourself, your baby, the stroller, and your massive diaper bag that has toys, wipes, snacks, extra clothes, burp cloths and oh yeah, diapers scattered about all hither and yon. You lug your cargo into the bathroom and begin fumbling about in your diaper bag. You grab a diaper in one hand and the case of wipes in the other. Then you grab your diaper cream. But wait, you still have to get your kid. You put everything down, unbuckle the baby, gag from the smell and lay baby down on the table. Then you have to get everything where you can grab it but wait! Don’t take your hand off the baby or else she may roll off the table and onto the floor. Don’t you wish that you had EVERYTHING YOU NEEDED IN ONE PLACE?

If you had a diaper organizer, you would. See?

Voila! All in one place.

Not ONLY are your diapers, wipes, and butt cream all in one place but it’s got a wrist loop around it so you can grab the bag, loop it around your wrist and you have everything you need for an on-the-go diaper change right at hand. There is no fumbling, no digging through a sea of Bright Starts toys and teething rings to find the things you need. It has a velcro closure for easy opening and closing.

Not to mention that it’s adorable, and any mother who sees it will ask where you got it.
In all seriousness, this thing has been a lifesaver. IT DOES NOT LEAVE MY DIAPER BAG. I love that I can just grab it, grab my kid, and head off to the bathroom to change a diaper. I love that I don’t have to lug everything into the bathroom with me. And I love how unique it is, because I have been asked by practically everyone who has seen it, where I got it.

Now I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking that I am a very convincing saleswoman, and you need one of those in your life ASAP. Fear not, because YOU can win one of your very own! Spoiled Rotten Designs is offering one lucky reader the chance to win a completely customizable diaper organizer! That’s right, yours can look completely different from mine. You choose your inner and outer fabric, and your ribbon and voila! A custom design just for you! Here’s how you can win.

Mandatory means if you do not complete this entry first, your extra entries will not count. Be sure to leave your e-mail, Twitter ID, or other contact info in case you win.

  • Tell me what you love most about the diaper organizer.

Leave a separate comment for each extra entry.

Courtney is also offering a $10 credit to whomever happens to be the 125th person to *like* Spoiled Rotten Designs on Facebook, so hurry over and *like* your butt off!

This giveaway will close on October 5th, 2010.