Go Mommy Boots.. It’s Your SITS Day!

We gonna party like it’s your SITS Day! We gonna drink Bacardi like it’s your SITS Day!


Sorry, I was having a little dance party. I’m so excited that it’s my SITS Day! Welcome to my blog!

This is me:

And this is my husband of 5 years:

And together, we made this awesome kid:

I’m from Chicago but we live in Tennessee, where it’s finally cooling down and not the temperature of the surface of the sun anymore.

Anyway, welcome to Mommy Boots! I’m so excited to have you all here. This blog wasn’t always called Mommy Boots. Once upon a time, it was called Hope Springs Eternal and the content was very different. In December of 2007, my husband and I found out we were pregnant with a baby we called Green Bean. 20 days later, we had to say goodbye to our Green Bean. We took a few months off trying to conceive (or TTC) while I lost 20 pounds. I blogged a lot about the heartbreak of losing a baby to miscarriage. I blogged my fears about my future as a mother. In June of 2008 we decided to try again, and that started our 10-cycle journey to conceiving. On May 9th, 2009 I found myself finally, joyfully, pregnant once more. We called this one Gummi Bear at first and on January 20th, 2010 Nellie Rose came into the world, screaming and fiesty.

I blog about a lot of things here. I blog about my daughter, and her angry badger-like behavior. I blog about random things I find amusing.  I swear on my blog. I do not censor myself.  I believe in equality and rights for everyone. I also sing women’s four-part a capella barbershop harmony. Around competition time, I look like this:

I quote movies a lot, I talk too much and too loudly, and I absolutely love my life. I love my kid more than words can say.

Welcome to Mommy Boots! I hope that you stay for a while.