Baby’s First Nemesis

So, Nellie encountered her nemesis.

My dad and stepmom came in to town to visit. We’ve been having a fantastic time with them. We all went on a lunch cruise aboard a riverboat here in town and had a lovely afternoon. In the evening, we decided to go out to Mellow Mushroom for some pizza. I love Mellow Mushroom so much.

We got to the restaurant and luckily, it was not crowded. We had dressed Nellie in her Madonna onesie, pink pants and a cute black and white polka-dotted headband. Our waiter came over and greeted us. He was a thin fellow and looked to be about in his early twenties. He had shaggy hair, and a slight beard and was friendly. One would definitely classify him as the “hippie” sort, which is the majority of the employees at Mellow Mushroom. He complimented Nellie on her taste of clothing and went off to get drinks.

All was well for a while. Nellie was squealing and being adorable, eating puffs and sampling tastes of water and (yes, we’re terrible parents) sips of daddy’s Coke. We put her in the high chair at one point and set cereal puffs down on the table for her to eat at her leisure. The four adults were chatting when I noticed someone out of my peripheral, standing and looking at Nellie. I turned to see our waiter, who was bent over and engaged in a staring contest with Nellie.

Now, Nellie is an incredibly social baby. She smiles at everyone and will pretty much let anyone hold her. She doesn’t hesitate to lean in to be snuggled by someone she just met, so what happened next was very out of character.

Waiter was leaned over, looking at her when  all of a sudden she poked out her lower lip, scrunched up her face, turned to look at me and started to wail.
I’m not talking a little “wah-wah”ing, I am talking full-on (double rainbow), broken heart, scared shitless sobbing. Of course we all went “awwwwww!!!’ and I leaned over to grab her from her seat. As soon as I pulled her to me, she buried her face into my neck and was just sobbing! I was rubbing her back and consoling her when she lifted her head, looked to see he was still there, looked up at me and her face crumbled again. She began crying all over me and buried her face in my neck once more. It was the saddest, cutest, funniest thing I’ve ever seen! I felt so bad for my poor little Nellie Bean. She was so upset by this waiter! Waiter looked completely shocked, and was totally flustered. He walked off and we comforted Nellie, hugging on her and giving her the paci. She calmed down and we eventually decided to put her back in the high chair.

She was sitting there, minding her own business and munching on a puff when she looked to her left to see Waiter standing at another table. As soon as she laid eyes on him (he was nowhere near her) her face crumbled again and she started crying. I could not even believe it! We pulled her from her seat and comforted her again. From then on, any time she saw him or even heard his voice, she would start crying! I had never seen her act like that before. We figured that he must have done her a severe grievance in a past life and that now he was her nemesis. From that day forward, Waiter and Nellie were destined to be enemies.

Nellie needed comforting from us on that night, but give her a few years. Waiter better watch his back, because Nellie Rose will be ready for him next time.