Nellie Rose – 9 Months Old

My daughter has been outside of my womb as long as she was inside. I was rocking her before naptime the other day, feeling her sprawled out across my lap as she had her bottle and thinking how marvelous, strange, and surreal it was that just a year prior she was inside kicking the crap out of me.

Nellie has changed in so many ways since birth. She’s not really even the same baby. I watch videos of her at 3 days old, a week old, a month old and marvel at the difference. I try and remember what it felt to fall asleep with her on my chest; her entire body fitting from collarbone to belly button, basically. I struggle to hear her wheezy newborn breathing from the depths of my memory.. I attempt to relive the first time I laid eyes on her.

It’s hard sometimes to remember exactly what she felt like, looked like, and smelled like.

Nellie isn’t crawling yet, but she does get around. She scoots, like a wounded solider. She’s showing the beginning signs of stranger and separation anxiety. She babbles and strings syllables together, and can say “da da”. She loves to snack on her cereal puffs and eats baby food several times a day. She’s gotten a few bites of table food; smushed up banana, mashed potato, small pieces of bread. She makes the funniest noises. She laughs, she growls, she screams and shrieks and she blows raspberries constantly. In three months, the sweet little infant that I brought home on a cold January morning will be one year old.

Happy 9 months to the light of my life. The love of my life. The sillest girl I’ve ever known.

My baby, Nellie Rose. I love you from your head to your toes, to the moon and back, with every breath in my body, until the very end of time.