Bad Moon Rising

It feels as though the air around me is bewitched and attracting negative energy. And not necessarily just negative energy but there are a lot of surprising and unexpected things happening to people all around me and I swear to you it has to do with the moon.

It really started last week; honestly about three strange/unfortunate things happened to people that I’m in contact with and I wondered aloud, “Is there a full moon or something?” I found out days later that yes, there was a full moon approaching. But seriously. Someone who works for my company got into a plane accident (he’s okay but is going to need lots of therapy). Another person who works for us lost her grandmother just a few short weeks before her son is due to be born. We got into a fender bender. Our tire finally rolled its’ last roll and gave out on us, causing us to buy two new tires. Friends are going through car trouble, financial trouble; pneumonia. One of the members of my quartet just had her baby – 4 weeks early. Another coworker’s daughter is in the emergency room with shortened breath and chest pains. My friend’s boyfriend lost his job. I’m even experiencing some, er, “cycle weirdness”.

Seriously. What gives, universe? It’s like when it rains, it pours. I suppose it’s better to get all of this negative energy out and away all at once rather than in a slow, constant stream of unfortunate events. And as I said not all of these things are terrible, life-altering and they’re not all happening to me.

And I don’t really feel like the energy is malevolent, or nasty it’s just.. Mischievous. Like fate is frolicking around sprinkling bad luck all over everyone. Hopefully things will turn around soon for everyone.

So what about you? Have you been affected by the bad moon this week? Has a bit of Halloween mischief and misfortune been lurking around your house?

P.S. One of the girls who works for us just came in and said that a bunch of pumpkins she had on her porch were stolen. Bad moon, I tell you!

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