Go Mommy Boots.. It’s Your SITS Day!

We gonna party like it’s your SITS Day! We gonna drink Bacardi like it’s your SITS Day!


Sorry, I was having a little dance party. I’m so excited that it’s my SITS Day! Welcome to my blog!

This is me:

And this is my husband of 5 years:

And together, we made this awesome kid:

I’m from Chicago but we live in Tennessee, where it’s finally cooling down and not the temperature of the surface of the sun anymore.

Anyway, welcome to Mommy Boots! I’m so excited to have you all here. This blog wasn’t always called Mommy Boots. Once upon a time, it was called Hope Springs Eternal and the content was very different. In December of 2007, my husband and I found out we were pregnant with a baby we called Green Bean. 20 days later, we had to say goodbye to our Green Bean. We took a few months off trying to conceive (or TTC) while I lost 20 pounds. I blogged a lot about the heartbreak of losing a baby to miscarriage. I blogged my fears about my future as a mother. In June of 2008 we decided to try again, and that started our 10-cycle journey to conceiving. On May 9th, 2009 I found myself finally, joyfully, pregnant once more. We called this one Gummi Bear at first and on January 20th, 2010 Nellie Rose came into the world, screaming and fiesty.

I blog about a lot of things here. I blog about my daughter, and her angry badger-like behavior. I blog about random things I find amusing.  I swear on my blog. I do not censor myself.  I believe in equality and rights for everyone. I also sing women’s four-part a capella barbershop harmony. Around competition time, I look like this:

I quote movies a lot, I talk too much and too loudly, and I absolutely love my life. I love my kid more than words can say.

Welcome to Mommy Boots! I hope that you stay for a while.


  1. What a cute blog!! I love the boots!!
    Lana @ Mz-Cellaneous recently posted..An interview with Cactus Creeks Fancy Smith

  2. Happy SITS day!

    I loved reading about your journey, it sounds like though you went through some major hardships, you are at a good place in your life. I love that you aren't afraid to be yourself and express your honest opinions!

    Have a great day!
    Missy recently posted..Happy Weekend!

  3. "angry badger-like behavior" HAHAHAHA – I LOST it at that! Too funny!

    We're thinking about TTC soon… like, actually admit that we're TTC instead of just saying the "we're not preventing it" kind of thing. Look forward to reading all about your journey!

    Happy SITS day!!!!!!


  4. Congrats on your SITS day mama! Love the content on your site!

    Your family is beautiful :)

  5. Happy SITS Day! Wow! My daughter has the same middle name and her birthday is January 24th (but she was born 5 years earlier!).

    It sounds like you're really enjoying motherhood!

    Enjoy your SITS Day!
    Cheryl D. recently posted..Anything at All

  6. Happy SITS Day, your daughter is so absolutely adorable, I can't wait to poke around and see what I find!
    Erin recently posted..Quack Quack

  7. It's nice to meet you too. You sound like a lot of fun, and I am enjoying my stay here. I hope you'll come around and check me out too. You might want to bring some protective covering to protect your clothes though. 😉

    Happy SITS day!
    The Drama Mama recently posted..Raising Awareness- Living with Special Needs Day 3

  8. Hello Natalie,

    Love your sense of humour! Nellie is adorable! Wishing you a wonderful SITS Day!

    Sending smiles. :)
    Favourite Vintage Fi recently posted..A Sydney Beach Wedding

  9. ok, your daughter? too precious. i think her hair is so adorable! my husband and i both have curly hair so we thought our boys would have curly hair, too, but nope. straight hair. sigh. they're still studs, though.

    i had a miscarriage when i was 19 (i was about 13 weeks along) and it was awful. didn't really recover emotionally until this year, when i finally blogged about it. it only took 8 years to get to that point.

    happy SITS day, and squeeze your daughter's fat little cheeks for me, wouldya? love chubby babies–i have one of those too. :)
    Alexis recently posted..gay marriage

  10. Happy SITS day!

  11. Congratulations on Your Sits Day…..What a beautiful daughter you have….. Isn't motherhood exciting. Have a wonderful Week!

    Alicia….. Healthy Living & A Balanced You…
    Alicia recently posted..FBIMy Husband…Case File 2…The Blogging Conspiracy

  12. Congratulations and Happy SITS Day! I have a smile on my face from reading your posts. You are one funny blogger and I love the way you inject humor into your posts. Your Nellie is adorable and ditto you and hubby.

    Keep up the great effort and best wishes,

    ElizOF recently posted..Compassion- We All Need Some…

  13. Congratulations Mommy Boots. Name has a ring to it.



  14. Happy SITS Day!

  15. Congrats on your SITS day! Love the photos of your family – look forward to reading more about you!
    Narelle @ CookCleanC recently posted..3 Steps to Tackling the Difficult Chores

  16. i'm dropping by from SITS as well. loving your blog- profanity always makes me feel right at home. :)

  17. Happy SITS day!
    Jodi recently posted..Wordless Wednesday

  18. I love listening to barbershop harmony! I bet you can sing beautiful lullabies to your sweet daughter. :) Stopping by from SITS…
    Lynn from For Love o recently posted..Vanilla cake saved my life

  19. Congrats on being featured! I love that you included a pic of the "performance" version of you! The quartet sounds like it would be so much fun!
    laura recently posted..what is this second-child syndrome that you speak of

  20. Happy SITS Day! I, too, know the pain of miscarriage and trying to get pregnant. You have a beautiful family!
    Gig Girl recently posted..The Gig Grizzly

  21. Happy SITS Day!

    I blogged about boots today, so it must be fate that I'd find you! There was also a dance party in my kitchen this weekend… blogged about that too! :)

    Having had two bald babies myself, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your little one's hair!

  22. Kristi @ Creative Kr says:

    Happy SITS day!! Hope your day if full of lovely comments and new subscribers!! I'm off to read your highlighted posts and probably end up here for awhile lol
    Kristi @ Creative Kr recently posted..Simple Homemade Pasta Sauce

  23. Happy SITS Day!!!! Enjoy it!

  24. oh my god! you're hysterical! LOVE the ice cream cone story! happy SITS day!
    Jenny @ The Homemade recently posted..Personalized Baby Bibs

  25. Congrats on your SITS day! You blog looks like a lot of fun. I subscribed to the feed and will be back.
    Naked Girl in a Dres recently posted..Beating an Addiction except at baseball games

  26. Oh I LOVE quoting movies, problem is I can't always remember the lines correctly, so they come out all wonky.

    Also? your kid has the BEST hair!

    Happy SITS day!
    Vicki recently posted..Chuppah!

  27. Happy SITS day!! I hope it turns out to be an awesome day! That daughter of yours is adorable…I can't imagine she really has any angry badger-like moments!

  28. Hey, fellow Chi-girl! Congratulations on your SITS Day! Off to find some swear words….
    Lynn recently posted..Can a Disabled Brotha Get a Table Dance

  29. Congrats on your SITS day!

    I love the names you came up for your babies before they were born. We did the same…my youngest baby was Roo! (I can't think of what we called my oldest right now. Bad Mommy!)
    Ginny Marie recently posted..Walking the Walk- The Avon 3-Day

  30. Happy SITS Day! So nice to 'meet' you – I'm looking forward to nosing around your other posts… 😉 I've had miscarriages and the whole TTC scenario, too. And feel so blessed to have my little Miracle Baby (who's going to be 8 in November! ACK!) who is absolutely my heart. You have a beautiful family, and Nelly is ADORABLE!!!!
    Stacy Uncorked recently posted..Cat Fishing – Wordless-Wordful Wednesday

  31. I am so glad you are today's SITS girl because it lead me to your blog. It's fantastic!!! The design is a adorable and the writing is just my style. Plus I love a mom blogger with a dirty mouth. It makes me feel less alone in the mommy bloggy world! I'm your newest follower!
    Laura @ The Things I recently posted..Well- That Was Nice While it Lasted

  32. Love your conservative bashing blog, and I'm not even liberal — no ruffled panties on me (of course, it's hard to ruffle a pair of Spanx, but still).

  33. Your baby badger is adorable! Enjoy your day in the spotlight and grab onto all the bloggy love that comes your way today!
    Eva Gallant recently posted..Saturday Silliness

  34. I love that you let your real self shine through on your blog:) Happy SITS day!

  35. Happy SITS day! You seem to have a LOT of energy and I'm going to check out more of your posts right now! :)

  36. Happy SITS Day!

    Your husband is adorable… I got a thing for bald guys. Oh. You aint too bad yerself…
    tulpen recently posted..Ladies- Hang On To Your Ovaries

  37. Happy Sits day! It's a fun blog and your kid is adorable!

  38. Sounds like you have an awesome life. Happy SITS day.

  39. Happy SITS day!!

    I love the name of your blog and how you came up with it. You were so prepared to search and see if there was anyone else out there with that persona!

    I love the curls you wee one has – so cute!

    Have a lovely day,

    Jade @ No Longer 25 recently posted..Unlocking Love Locked Paris

  40. Yay, Natalie! I love when blogs I already know are featured. So fun! And how adorable is your husband? I saw that photo and was like, "Oh, I like him! What a good guy."

    I can't believe you sing. I mean, I can believe it. I'm just jealous.

    Did we already discuss Tennessee? I live in Tennessee. I'm outside of Nashville. Where are you?

    HAPPY SITS DAY! Off to give you more comments.
    Liza recently posted..A Coat Made of Stuffed Animals &amp A Burning House

  41. I quotes movies and talk too loud too! Ha! Congrats on your day. (Cute kiddo by the way.)
    me, myself & pie recently posted..Chocolate Almond Cherry Crisps

  42. Happy Sits Day!!

    I love your outlook on life! And congrats on your little one! Nellie is just precious!! I can relate to the TTC. My hubby and I tried for 26 months for our little one, so I know about the trying and joyful times you've been through.

    Enjoy your day!!

  43. Happy Sits day! You have one adorable little girl, but I bet you already knew that. Her curls are just too perfect. I loved your 6 month letter to her. Kids really do change our lives forever- in a wonderful, miraculous, can't even put it into words, kind of way.
    TornadoTwos recently posted..I wonder if stamps are figured into the cost of raising a child

  44. Barbershop harmonies rock! That's awesome! Enjoy your day in the SITS sun!!!
    gigi recently posted..Followup to GFC Tutorial- I don’t get notifications!

  45. Well that's it, I'm hooked. Happy SITS day, Mama! Your post about how much you loved your daughter killed me. Made my ovaries twitch and everything. There is nothing in the world as glorious and perfect as your baby's very first, dazzling, sunshine smile. Nothing. And soft fuzzy heads, perfect little cheeks and that amazing little scrunchy face.

    Stop it! I have three! I don't need any more! 😛

    Congrats on your SITS day and thanks for sharing!
    Rebekah C recently posted..Pictures of the Littles

  46. Happy SITS day! I hope you enjoy your special day!!
    Alana @ Domestically recently posted..Working Mom Wednesday – Best Afternoon Pick Me Ups

  47. Nice to meet you, Mommy Boots! Love the look of your site. Looking forward to returning and getting to know you better!
    Amy @ Never-True Tal recently posted..Riding Bikes without Boundaries and Other Endangered Rights of Childhood

  48. You know I love you AND your blog. Keep up the good work doll :O)
    Veronica recently posted..No Screaming Babies In Restaurants

  49. You have such a cute daughter. I suffered 2 miscarriages (1 before each completed pregnancy) & it's a heartbreak that not too many people can really understand unless they have been there. But now I have 2 beautiful daughters, who are the joy of my life (even though they have given me a fair amount of gray hair).

    Happy SITS Day!
    Laura recently posted..TATTOOS &amp PIERCINGS- MY DEEP- DARK SECRET

  50. Happy SITS day to you and your good lookin' hubby and absolute "I want to take her home" beautiful daughter! I'm sorry for your heartache of Green Bean. Sounds like you are a joy-filled mama and having a wonderful time! Good for you!!

  51. Happy SITS day – you sound like an amazing person; so full of life, no matter what it throws at you. I love that you are willing to 'be yourself' and not censor your words – go you and have a wonderful day!
    Mrs Green @myzerowas recently posted..My hero finds the bottle to campaign …

  52. Congrats on your SITS day!
    Jamee recently posted..Wednesday Weigh-In- Shrinkvivor Week 4

  53. Happy SITS Day hooker!!!!
    Katie recently posted..Dear Couponer-

  54. I think I love love love your blog. You are joyfully refreshing, funny, and beautiful woman. I look forward to getting to know you through our mutual blogs! Come visit and say hello. :)
    Melody~ recently posted..Fall get awayon the way to an Elk

  55. Cool! It is so great to meet you! Happy SITS Day.

    I love your writing style. It's like we're just chatting.

    Going to click on your links to follow your blog.

    PS – Your daughter is GORGEOUS!
    Jean recently posted..Separated At Birth

  56. Happy SITS day…your daughter is adorable!!
    Tiffany recently posted..Before I Was Your Mother…Part II

  57. Happy SITS Day! I love how you came up with your blog name. Going to poke around now :)
    Mrs. Mootz recently posted..Do I Wear Hats

  58. Congrats on your SITS day! Enjoy it :)
    Lauren recently posted..Benefits of Massage Therapy

  59. Hope you are enjoying your SITs day – your little gal is ADORABLE!

    I scrolled down and read a little bit – I'm a HUGE Harry Potter fan, too! :) The picture of you, hubby and your baby girl after she was born made me get a little lump in my throat! He looks like she had him wrapped around her finger from the very first minute! :)

    Have a great day!
    Janene recently posted..Sentimental Saturday

  60. Nice to meet you, Mommy Boots! Happy SITS Day! Going to go read your blog. :)
    Kerry recently posted..Deep Breaths

  61. Happy SITS day! I love the clean lines of your site and the adorable boots! I seriously want a pair of my own. That's one cute Nellie you've got there – I'm off to learn a little more about her!

    Enjoy your day
    Meaghan recently posted..Some days…

  62. I'm glad to see that someone else can speak entirely in movie quotes. I could probably go an entire day doing nothing but speaking through Eddie Murphy movies.

    Happy SITS day!

  63. Happy SITS Day! Off to poke around.

  64. Loved your blog! You are hilarious! Especially loved the blog about the conservative woman driver in the next car. Perfect! Congratulations on being SITS GIRL for the Day!!!!!!
    Tina Macaluso recently posted..Hollywood Comes to Cooperstown

  65. Congrats on your SITS day! :) I'll be back to read about your adventures!

  66. Dropping by from SITS, hope you have a fantastic SITS day!
    Krysten recently posted..Oooh baby Im a fool for you

  67. Congratulations on your SITS day. I look forward to checking out your blog.
    Chanel recently posted..Wordless Wednesday-Memories from Summer

  68. Your family is ADORABLE! Congrats on your big SITS day!!

  69. Congrats on your SITS day!! Too exciting. You have a beautiful family and what a great way to share in blogging. Parenthood these days is so different from when I had my foster kids even 10 years ago. Keep up the good work.
    PatriciaD recently posted..Free Advertising – Drawing Oct 8th – Enter NOW!!

  70. Happy SITS Day! Enjoy. You have a fun blog and an adorable daughter.
    Wyletter recently posted..A Moment On Monday – 10-4-2010

  71. Congrats on your SITS day! Your little girl is a cutie pie, but it is no wonder when you see the hotness that is her parents!
    Jennifer recently posted..A day at the festival

  72. YAY Happy SITS Day!
    Christa recently posted..Some Much Needed Mason –

  73. Happy SiTS Day to you!!!!! you have a beautiful family!!!!!!!!!!

    love your blog!
    twincerely,Olga recently posted..Aloha Friday- FridaY Follow!!!!

  74. Happy SITS day!!!
    Devan@ Accustomed Ch recently posted..Guest Post- Adventures in Cloth to Disposable Diapers

  75. Congrats! nice to meet you!
    Breann recently posted..30 Weeks

  76. Happy SITS day! I'm totally going to be following you.

  77. Congrats on your SITS day. I'm glad I got a chance to meet you and your blog. I'm sorry to hear of you loss but happy you are enjoying life with your baby girl, Nellie.
    TerriAnn recently posted..Borders Educator Appreciation Week- 10-6-10-10

  78. Congratulations on your SITS day! I can tell already that I'm going to love you blog! I'm diggin' your style, your way with words, and am hoping that you've posted a clip of your singing group! I'll be popping back in later (off to work now) to read my way around. Best, Jenn
    Jenn Erickson/Rook N recently posted..EASY MOVIE THEATER BIRTHDAY PARTY &amp POPCORN CUPCAKE DIY with a free popcorn bucket download

  79. I didn't know you sang in an a capella group!! I learn something new every day.

    Happy SITS day, favorite! YAY one of my friends is a SITS celeb!!
    Salt recently posted..I’m featured on Fantabulously Frugal!

  80. Happy SITS day! Love that you called your daughter Gummi Bear before she was born… precious. :) And by the way… I'm now singing "It's your birthday" in my head. LOL
    Julie recently posted..What makes for an interesting birthday…

  81. Congrats! Mommydom is a universe all its own. Glad you made it to the club. Cheers!

  82. I absolutely love it! Congrats on your Sits day. Off to read some posts.

  83. Mommy boots and swearing? I can't wait to read more! Happy SITS day!!!
    Mama Mary recently posted..oh yes- we’re here- the dream team is here–part II

  84. EEEEEEEEE! Yay, Natalie! So happy for you!

  85. One of the most unique blog looks I"ve seen. Love it! What a darling little one you have. Love her name, too.


  86. Happy SITS Day!! I can't wait to read around your blog some more! (The ice cream story had me cracking up…) Congratulations!!!!
    Kelly recently posted..I Really Should Be Sleeping

  87. Okay, so, I don't sing and I don't have small children any longer but other than those two ever so slightly minor facts, we are truly so much alike.

    I curse, I talk loudly and am proud of both — and am equally proud to have stopped by here today to wish my fellow potty mouth and screamer a very happy SITS day.

    Keep being who you are with no regrets or apologies and everything else will fall into it's rightful place.

    Congratulations on your adorable dumpling –she really is quite precious, isn't she?

    Stay happy and excited!

    Peace and serenity,


    'The End Of The Rainbow: Life After Bankruptcy'
    Jo recently posted..WE THE PEOPLE

  88. YAYYY happy SITS day!!!
    Emily @ Baby Dickey recently posted..My ultimate vacation has changed

  89. Love the letter to your daughter. I just had a sweet sassy girl 3 months ago. I too suffered a miscarriage about 4 years ago. Love your humor.

    Congrats on your SITS day!

  90. You are beautiful!!! I love the name of your blog, as do many others, I know :) Happy SITS day!!
    Ginger recently posted..Dream FAIL

  91. Yay for your SITS day!! It seems that you are a fun and sassy woman who knows what she wants! I love it!! Have a great day. :)
    Linda recently posted..Letters From A Friend- The Gift of True Prayer

  92. Love your blog! Enjoy your day in the spotlight!
    Stacia recently posted..POW!- Smart Bubble Society

  93. Happy SITS Day for you! Your blog is definitely refreshing to read!
    Kena recently posted..Wordless Wednesday- Its a Boy!

  94. Congratulations on your day to Shine with SITS!
    Debby recently posted..POST IT NOTE TUESDAY

  95. Hey Mommyboots! Your family is lovely, I'm glad SITS featured you today! Looking forward to reading more…
    beckie & the gru recently posted..ps


    Love the pics – and how cool that you sing in an a capella group!
    Katie P recently posted..Chopper Winner!

  97. Happy SITS day to you!
    Christina recently posted..Sea Bass with Olive-Caper Sauce

  98. Happy SITS day! You have a new follower in me and not just because you were featured; I love your style &honestly and dude, how cool is it that you sing in a women's four-part acapella barbershop harmony!?!?!?!? I'm sold. :)
    {Not Quite} Susie Ho recently posted..Dont Ask- Dont Tell

  99. I had no idea there were women's barbershop quartets! How FUN! Now I'm going to have to rush off to google that and see what it's all about! 😀

    Eve recently posted..Wash &amp See

  100. Your baby is incredibly cute!

  101. Congratulations on your SITS day! I love the name of your blog. Looking forward to getting to know you.



  102. Happy SITS Day! Your daughter is adorable. Sounds like you have a great blog here. And I'll try to check out more later when my toddler isn't screaming at me to get him some food. :)
    Joanne recently posted..Viva Las Vegas!

  103. I like that you dont censor yourself!

    happy SITS day!! =)
    Stephanie @ The Blue recently posted..Boston Cream Pie Cupcakes

  104. Happy SITS day! You rock! Wonderful to meet you…I heart new peeps!! :) Stop by to say hello when you get the chance….I'll be the one with a big smile & warm wave! lol…

  105. Congratulations on your special day. I hope today is everything you hoped for.

    You have a beautiful family.
    misssrobin recently posted..Octoboween

  106. Big congrats on being featured today on SITS!!!!!
    Ott, A recently posted..i canned a whole lOTT of tomato juice- now Im making veggie soup

  107. New here! Your blog is SO cute and I'm now a FOLLOWER!!

    Check out my blog if you get a chance :)
    Mama Mandolin recently posted..Julian and Isaiahs Grand Entrance

  108. Congrats on your screaming, feisty bundle! I love feisty ones. I've got two: girl and a boy. Double the fun! Enjoy her and congrats on your SITS Day!!!
    Staci recently posted..Turn it Up Tuesdays!

  109. Happy Happy SITS day to you! Enjoy every second, 'cause it's crazy fun, and then over before you know it.

    Ok, that out of the way, I have GOT to say…I was DYING laughing at the creepy ice cream cone face thing. No seriously, that may have been one of THE MOST random and hysterical things I've ever seen or read about. Sorry your craving wasn't satisfied. But I must say, it made for a great blog post!!

    Love that you sing 4 part acapella. Good for you. I'm a singer/actor, but much more of the Broadway variety. It definitely takes different chops to do acapella, and do it well. NOT my skill in life.

  110. Happy SITS day! I hope you are enjoying all the love coming your way.

    Your daughter is adorable! How wonderful for you that you didn't give up after a miscarriage and it all worked out. Your love produced a beautiful little girl.

    It is probably a good thing that we are communicating through the internet because I too talk too much and too loudly! Neither of us would be able to get a word in edge wise!

  111. Nice to meet you! Cute name and motto for your blog and thanks for sharing with everyone. Have a Happy SITS Day!
    Brandy recently posted..Flower Hair Barrettes

  112. Well hello there Mrs Boots! Happy SITS day!!!

    Gummie Bear is just too cute for words! :)

  113. Dropping by from SITS – what a BEAUTIFUL family you have. I love your photo's and blog set-up – and the fact that you are real :) It's refreshing. Keep blogging.
    The Roaring Decade recently posted..Breaking the News

  114. Happy SITS day! Your gummy bear is cute!!
    Jen recently posted..Need some incouragement Today

  115. You have a cute blog and a beautiful family. Happy Sits Day!!!

  116. Hope you post some audio so we can hear you sing sometime! Love the husstlin post – you have to laugh at those moments in life because any other direction could be depressing. Love your personality. Enjoy your big day!

  117. Happy SITS day! Off to explore your blog!
    Stacie recently posted..Wordless Wednesday – Pretty Clouds

  118. HAPPY SITS DAY! I love bloggers who curse :)
    Michelle @ Mommy Lov recently posted..Do as I say- Not as I do

  119. Happy SITS day! I love that you don't censor your blog — keeps it real!
    Everyday Mama recently posted..Wardrobe secrets

  120. Happy SITS day! How exciting that you got picked! :)

    And I just have to say, every time I see pictures of your family … all I can think is how amazingly Nellie resembles the BOTH of you. It's absolutely precious.
    Mandi recently posted..I Cannot Brain Today

  121. Hey Mommy Boots!! Love your blog title and Happy SITS Day! I am so sorry about the loss of your Green Bean but am so happy that you have Nellie! I am from TN (was born there and went Vanderbilt) but I am a CA girl through and through. Enjoy your special day!
    Rachel {at} Mommy Ne recently posted..Wordful Wednesday- Papa Style

  122. Congrats on your SITS day Mommy Boots! Absolutely loving your blog hun! Hope that you are having a great day :-)
    Emma recently posted..Toys R Us – Competition Carnival

  123. Happy SITS day! I auditioned for a women's a capella barbershop group when I was pregnant with my son, but their rehearsal/competition schedule was really overwhelming to me (in my hormonal, exhausted state) so I never followed up. I should look into that again now that my kids are old enough that I can spare a thought for myself occasionally…

    • Was it with Sweet Adelines? It definitely is time consuming, and depending on what chorus you auditioned for the rehearsal/competition schedules can DEFINITELY be taxing! I can only go every other week due to transportation/babysitting issues but I wouldn't give up my barbershopping for anything. I love it!

  124. OMGoodness! You are awesome-and I think maybe we were separated at birth! If we lived anywhere near each other, I know I would seek you out! I love your blog- oh and congrats on your SITS day!! I can't wait to follow you- I hope you have a chance to visit me in my "Mom-dom" sometime.


  125. Loving your blog–can’t wait to read more! New follower. =)

  126. Happy SITS Day! Love the name of your blog and that you’re in a quartet- so fun. I have a baby girl, too. Enjoy reading all your comments and I’ll be coming back!
    Ellen recently posted..review- freckleface strawberry

  127. Happy SITS day!! Your blog title and banner is awesome!
    April recently posted..Delightful Morsel- Cashew Chicken

  128. Happy SITS Feature Day! Love the title and tag line of your blog and yes I agree it does get messy..lol Loving your blog, off to poke around some more :)
    Mommyof2Girlz/Steph recently posted..Halloween Bento 2

  129. Happy SITS day! I laughed out loud at your ice cream post. Great blog.
    Janet recently posted..Book Review- Your Money Gods Way

  130. Aw, I love how you described yourself and your honesty. I cuss too. It is fun. Congrats on your day!


  131. Congrats on your SITS Day!

    You all are so cute! What a happy looking family. :)

    I'm so sorry to hear what happened during your first pregnancy. Nothing will ever truly heal that wound, but I'm so happy see that you and your husband are now proud parents to a beautiful little girl.

    Enjoy your day!

    Aimee @ Ain't Y recently posted..It’s a special day at AYMB!

  132. happy sitsday!
    c.c. recently posted..hard times

  133. Congrats on your very own SITS Day! I love your sense of humor and how you had me snorting my coffee across the desk this morning! LOL

  134. Love the boots, got my first pair of cowgirl boots this year and love 'em! Congrats on your SitsDay!
    Christy, Home-Mom.co recently posted..PlayStation®MoveGet your Move on!

  135. Love the baby! Love the boots! Still suffering from lack of ability to sleep soundly and my baby will be 29 in November. When will it pass?
    Grams recently posted..Grams Made Pumpkin- Cranberry &amp Pecan Muffins

  136. Happy SITS day! I love your blog, and I'm so glad I found it!
    bekki recently posted..Blog Kickoff Giveaway revealed

  137. Congrats on your SITS day! I'm not a mommy…but hope to be before I'm 40…lol!

    I am a producer/writer for an HGTV series….spent a week in Tennessee shooting a special on the Endless Yard Sale…(longest yard sale in the world..spans 650 miles)

    How do you deal with the humidity there? Ugh…

    Happy blogging…

    leazaindenver recently posted..I’ve Been a Bad- Bad- Bad Bloggy Girl

    • I know that yard sale well. When I was with my ex boyfriend, we had a tent w/ stuff for sale up on Signal Mountain as part of the yard sale. It wasn't so much fun, because it was in the middle/end of August and it was about a million degrees outside.

      How do I deal with the humidity? With a lot of complaining, and beer.

  138. Happy SITS Day! That is so cool that you sing Barbershop! I sing in a choir, but you are in the big leagues!
    Margaret Almon recently posted..Namesake- The Playful Search for Beauty with my Great Grandmother- her Dishes and Eva Zeisel

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  140. I am in love with your blog name!

    I REALLY love the name Nellie Rose. And all those beautiful curls make me love her even more.

    Congrats on your SITS day.

  141. Happy SITS Day 😀 Love your little dance party. To funny.

    Also love that you named your baby gummie bear, Mine were peanut, little bit, and bump 😀

  142. You are adorable! Happy SITS Day to you, Mommy Boots, enjoy! :)

  143. I love that you all have self-portrait MySpace pictures. Ha!

    Happy SITS Day! Isn't it fantastic to be featured?
    hotpants™ recently posted..What Im Reading Volume 2

    • I wanted to feature something a little more candid, but my kid insisted on the MySpace poses. She calls the shots around here, so I submitted. I'm weak.

      And yes. Yes it is fantastic.

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  146. How cool that you're in a barbershop quartet! I would LOVE to hear that. Have you ever done a vlog of it? Can't wait to check out the rest of your blog. Enjoy your SITS day!

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    see you again….
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  148. Dropping by to say Happy SITS day!

  149. Congratulations on your SITS day! I've been here before and I really think you deserve today! You have a fabulous blog!!
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  150. Happy SITS day to you!

    1) your daughter is absolutely adorable!

    2) I'm a performer too – drama GLEEK all the way! :)

    3) I think your blog title/logo is very clever!

    Have fun blogg'n!

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  153. Congrats on your SITS day!! Your blog is adorable as is your family!
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  154. Hi Natalie! Happy SITS Day! Where in TN do you live??? I grew up in the Chicago suburbs and now live in TN too! What a small world! Drop me a line if you get the chance…


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  162. Happy belated SITS day!

    Our babies are 7 days apart!

    Happy Month 8, hope it's going great!!

    ok, didnt mean for that to rhyme but hey 😉

    Have a great day!
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  163. Happy SITS Day!!

  164. I love your boots!
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  165. Happy SITS Day! Love the photos of your fam:)

  166. Congratulations on your SITS day!
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  167. I wanted to feature something a little more candid, but my kid insisted on the MySpace poses. She calls the shots around here, so I submitted. I’m weak.
    star recently posted..play pool table games

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