The Noise

Nellie has this noise that she makes when she wants something. It’s kind of hard to explain but it comes out most when we’re out to eat at a restaurant and the food arrives. I’ve created a video that showcases Nellie Rose and “her noise”.

Also, that bleepy spaceship noise you hear is my BBM BFF Katie messaging me. We’re probably gossiping about you.


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  1. Lol that is too funny! My son is also a loud eater. When he wants more he slams his hand repeatedly on the high chair. :)

    Voted! :)
    Kelly recently posted..Why I heart Jess LC

  2. That's too funny! :) Kind of sounds like a Nellie-impression of a bleating goat? But way cuter.
    Mandi recently posted..Preparing to Move

  3. Thats funny. Audrey makes a weird noise when she wants food too. My friend was over and said she sounded like ET LOL

  4. That is seriously cute!

    I love the noises that babies make!

  5. omg, I can't stop laughing, that is the funniest and cutest thing ever!!! love it!
    Emily @ Baby Dickey recently posted..Father and Son

  6. So Liam just watched this video with me and stared at Nellie with big, wide eyes and his mouth hanging open. Then he clapped when it was over and fussed until I played it again. I think my son has a crush.

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