Blogging Laryngitis

Lately I feel as if I’ve been losing my voice. Not my speaking or singing voice, but my blogging voice. I feel like I’m losing a grip on my blog, on my writing and I’m not sure how to wrap my fingers back around it. It’s intangible; a feeling more of an actual thing. I think it stems from the fact that since I changed names, I’ve lost traffic. Comments are down. I have a handful of people who loyally comment (THANK. YOU.) but I feel like my blogging voice is going unheard.I lost 4 Facebook fans in the past week and it’s got me really down in the dumps. I know, I know, blogging isn’t all about the traffic but it’s nice to know that people are reading what I’m taking the time to write.

Maybe I just don’t have anything to say that anyone wants to hear? Maybe I’m having a blogging identity crisis. What is my blog for? It used to be my outlet to vent my sadness and anger toward my miscarriage, and then a place where I documented our struggles to conceive again and the heartbreak that came with it.

I had so much to say during my pregnancy. Funny things. Irrelevant things. Touching things and now that my precious daughter is here? I feel like I’ve gotten Blogging Laryngitis. My life is pretty typical of most moms with children my daughter’s age.. I work, I drive my husband to work, I shuttle Nellie about to and fro.. Occasionally crazy or funny things happen that I blog about..

But what do I blog for? There’s only so many sappy letters to my daughter that I can write before even I want to puke. I’m no photographer, I am not crafty nor thrifty, and I couldn’t care less about fashion. So what do I blog about? What is my niche? I’m constantly questioning myself: “Do I blog too much? Do I not blog enough? Are my posts too long? Should I include more pictures? What is the perfect time of day to post to get the most comments? Will NaBloMoPo get me more readers? Make me lose some? Will giveaways make people love me?” It’s enough to drive anyone crazy. Part of me wants to drop NaBloPoMo.. But I’ve had several projects on this blog that I’ve done and have let fall to the wayside, that I absolutely have to finish this one. Even if it makes my traffic drop and my readership fall.. I have to finish it.

Am I the only one out there who feels as if they are tapping the microphone and saying, “Is this thing on”? This post isn’t me fishing for compliments, or trying to get people to comment and tell me how much they love my little slice of Internets. I guess it’s just me being honest and confessing that sometimes I wonder if I’m accomplishing anything at all by writing here. I want to say something earth-shattering.. Ground-breaking.. I want to write one post that people share over the internet and say, “Wow. What a voice. What a writer. This must be read!”………I want to be influential. It’s so easy to get lost in this vast, seemingly endless sea of bloggers. Sometimes, I just feel like I’m lost at sea, waiting… For what, I don’t know. Just… waiting.


  1. I was a faithful blogger when I was pregnant – 4 times per week. Now I just cant seem to get moitvated. However I love your blog and it is one of the few I read regularly. I have on occasion shared some of your blog posts. Hopefule you find your mojo or nablopomo LOL whatever that is!

  2. You blog about whatever you are feeling, or thinking. Its your blog. If its all over the place, maybe that is just you. You like a little bit of everything and enjoy talking about it. At least you are creative. You do have a way of writing things to make them interesting. Personally, my blog is to keep family and friends in tune with our family, but even then, it is BORING! So keep doing what you want, even if you post about the sun that day, you do know how to make it interesting!

    • I laughed out loud at "if it's all over the place, maybe that is just you" because truer words have never been spoken. My brain is like a jumpy little chihuahua most of the time. Thank you for the compliments.

  3. I don't care if you are fishing for compliments or not, I'm going to give you some. I follow maybe 20 or so blogs and I am always the most excited when I see that you have posted something. I relate to you SO much because we seem to have identical political and religious views, not to mention that Nellie is only 2 months older than my little Theo. Whether you're talking about Nellie or other stuff going on in your life, your blogs are always fun and funny to read. Don't you even think about stopping! I think my blog is kind of random too, but I don't care because I do it for me more than anyone else. With that being said, I do feel disappointment when I think I have said something comment-worthy and get NO love! I have very few readers (I think) and have wondered how to get strangers to read my blog. I found yours by reading a comment that you left on someone else's blog several months ago. I always read but rarely comment. I'm sure there are lots of others out there just like me.

  4. I understand EXACTLY what you are saying. If I look at Google Analytics or my stats, I get depressed. Because according to them, only a few people subscribe to my blog. But I do have loyal followers that I am grateful for. And every once and a while, I get someone new! I try to remember that this blog really is for me. Even though I admit, that I would LOOOOOOVE to write that perfect post and go viral, and be on CNN and quoted in articles and have millions of readers. Muhaha!!!!!!!!
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  5. Hey!

    I just wanted to say that I check/read and vote for tour blog every single day. I don't always comment and sometimes I have to go back to your blog to even finish reading, depending on how much time ian and maiah allow me to have. Anyway, I do always enjoy reading what's on your mind and I look forward to every new post. :)

  6. The mic's on :) You have a great blog, I love it! You're doing a great job, I think this laryngitis thing is totally normal for a blogger/writer! xoxo
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  7. Apparently this is going around. Two of my other favorite bloggers literally wrote posts about bloggy burnout TODAY! Similar questions, though they are more on the….this is all too much anymore side.

    Anyway, you should write for YOU! People will appreciate that so much more than forced writing. Your blog is enjoyable because of who you are. And I think you just have to stop worrying about all the stats. That seems to be the number one stressor and burnout point for bloggers.

  8. Apparently this is going around. Two of my other favorite bloggers literally wrote posts about bloggy burnout TODAY! Similar questions, though they are more on the….this is all too much anymore side.

    Anyway, you should write for YOU! People will appreciate that so much more than forced writing. Your blog is enjoyable because of who you are. And I think you just have to stop worrying about all the stats. That seems to be the number one stressor and burnout point for bloggers.

    And for the record…I SO much prefer blogs that are random slices of life over those that feel like the person has contemplated a topic and written the post to death. I like honesty, humor and real life. Just sayin.

  9. Ah, yes. I know it well. The niche-less blog. The wondering if a blogger posts and nobody reads it, is it really a post? Or something like that.

    I wonder all the same things about my own blog. Trust me. I think the most important thing about blogging is speaking your truth. You will find your community, the people that always come back because they know they'll find something genuine. Whether it's funny or melancholy or touching or controversial – put it out there. That's the best any of us can do.

  10. I almost could have written your post! I fell off the wagon with my blog (blogs, actually) throughout my last pregnancy, and the subsequent life with a pair of kids has left me too exhausted to be able to think of good material to post about. I've tried to do a better job for the last year or so, but many of my commenters jumped ship when my blogs were left unattended for so long!

    So, yes, like the others ahead of me have said – it's going around! I've been actively delurking in more places of late as I am also guilty of being a blogger who reads but rarely commented.
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  11. I hear ya momma! You're not alone. My best advice is to write for yourself. Don't think about what will get comments or traffic… because that often shows through in your writing or topic (not YOURS, I mean everyone, in general). Write for you, write for the loyal people you know are here. The rest will come eventually! As for the BIG story? The important blog post that everyone will want to read? It will come! When you aren't looking for it, when you least expect it… those are the best kinds of stories :) Don't stop mama, I like reading!

  12. I am not what most would consider "popular", by any means. I don't get a whole crap load of views or comments regularly. I have a "Mommy Blog" and tend to write about my insane child the majority of the time. BUT – my most popular post BY FAR was one I wrote about a one night stand. It was so outside my normal posting topic areas that I hesitated to post it. But wow – I got quite a response. And that's when I realized that I just have to write about whatever I think is funny. Or sad. Or scary. Or whatever emotion I'm working through that day.

    If you're not doing it for YOU? Why bother? I've never been moved or changed by anything that wasn't REAL.
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  13. I know exactly what you are saying! It's hard to say "I don't write for traffic, I write for me" because you DO want someone to read it. I don't comment on a lot of blogs, but I read yours all the time! Keep on rockin' mama!
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  14. Hit the nail on the head. I'm asking myself the same thing…why do I blog, does it matter…? No answers here, but camaraderie at least for the same dilemma! :-)
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  15. I understand completely. Often when I write a post I wonder "Does anyone really care about my mom adventures? Why should they?"

    Either way, when I open up my reader after a few days away (like right now) yours is always one of the first blogs I like catch up on. Even with laryngitis I think you sound pretty good.
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