So I’m a singer. I sing. I’ve always loved it and I come from a musical family.. Everyone in my immediate family (brother, cousins, aunts, etc) sings and almost everyone plays an instrument (I don’t). When I moved from Chicago to the South, I looked for an outlet for my singing and came up empty for years.

In 2008, an outlet found me in a karaoke bar while I was hanging out with Josh and some friends who had come to visit us from Illinois. A group of women were there at a bachelorette party and they handed me a card for their chorus. They informed me that it wasn’t for everyone, because the type of music they sang was unique.

They sang 4 part a capella barbershop harmony. I am such a nerd, I had to hold back from squealing and flapping with excitement. I was raised with barbershop music and had no idea that women sang it. I also had no idea that there was an international organization full of women who sang it! The very next Tuesday I visited a rehearsal and that began my passion for Sweet Adelines.

I’ve been with the chorus for two years now. I’ve been through two regional competitions and I’ve even been on TV with my quartet. It’s something I love doing though since Nellie’s been born, I’ve had to cut my attendance due to scheduling issues and whatnot. Today my chorus is being coached by the director of the amazing Metro Nashville chorus and I’m psyched. We’ll be working for about 6 hours. Wondering how you can work on singing for 6 hours? There’s a lot more to singing – particularly singing barbershop – than you may think!

I’m listening to my learning tracks and getting ready for a day of harmony!

Yes.. I’m a nerd.


  1. Nerd my ass! Singing in front of a crowd takes balls, and preparing yourself means professionalism.

    Enjoy your day!
    Toni @ Carrigan&#039 recently posted..Day 11- Your Siblings

  2. That is SO cool!!!! I would LOVE to do that! It sounds like so much fun!

    I used to go to karaoke with my friends weekly. I miss it. *sniffles*
    Rebekah C recently posted..30 days of posting- Day 4- Were breasts created for sex

  3. Destiny.
    Kimmygintx recently posted..Blink

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