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For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a love for movies. When people ask me what my favorite movie is, I have to hold myself back from listing at least ten. At one point in my life, I made an active decision to have a default favorite movie for when I get asked that question. My default answer? “The Princess Bride”. I’ve seen that movie probably more times than any other movie ever. I can quote it from beginning to end. What people don’t realize when I answer that question is how many movies I want to add as a close second, third, fourth, etcetera. What are my top ten favorite movies? I’m glad you asked. In no particular order (except for #1):

1. The Princess Bride
2. American Beauty
3. Jesus Christ Superstar
4. The Godfather
5. Harold and Maude
6. Chicago
7. West Side Story
8. Amadeus
9. Crash
10. Labyrinth

That was harder than I thought. My favorite movies aren’t the same as what I think the best movies are. For instance, I think that The Godfather is probably the greatest movie of all time. It’s on my top ten list, but it’s not my favorite.

I don’t know what it is about movies but I love them. I love to talk about them, I love to debate about them, and I love to quote them. If you know me, you know that I love to ramble off random movie trivia and inject quotes into my daily dialogue. If I meet a person who can banter back and forth with me in movie quotes? Instant friendship. I’m known for recognizing obscure actors and placing them from other films they’ve appeared in.

There’s something special and magical about going to the theater to see a movie. Now that I’m a parent and don’t get to go as often, it’s twice as special. I love to see a movie opening night. I know a lot of people hate the crowd, but there’s something exciting about seeing a movie for the first time with a huge crowd of other people. Take the next installment in the Harry Potter movie series, for instance. Its’ release is less than two weeks away, and I plan on being there opening night. Am I crazy? Maybe. But I love feeling the excited anticipation buzzing around me. I love sharing that experience with random strangers. I love settling into the seats of a dark movie theater with a bucket of popcorn in my lap. I even love watching previews.

Josh is going to be watching Nellie on opening night of Harry Potter and I’m going to go see it with some girlfriends. I can’t wait, the excitement is practically killing me!

So, how about you? What are your top ten favorite movies of all time?

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  1. You can't make me list my top ten, you just…CAN'T!!!! Because I could never possibly figure it out!

    I share your love of movies and I adore going to the theater. You're absolutely right, there is just something wonderful about sitting in the dark with a bucket of popcorn and diving into another world on the screen.

    Oh and Crash? Amazing flick. I loved it.
    Rebekah C recently posted..30 days of posting- Day 5- The 3 “Must Do’s” of Moving House

  2. Great picks!! 1, 6, 7, and 8 would be on my list too!!
    Kelly recently posted..And it begins

  3. I also can't wait for the new Harry Potter – it'll be our first post-baby date while the "In-laws" watch Ava for us over Thanksgiving for a couple hours. So psyched!

    I can't possibly think of my top ten, but my number one favorite movie is Wicker Park. If you haven't seen it, RUN to the video store/redbox/your netflix queue! It's amazing and beautiful and hopeful.
    B recently posted..Baby Steps Part II

  4. You're right…that is hard to name a top 10! I can say that The Princess Bride and Labyrinth would be two of the ten for sure.

  5. The Princess Bride is my favorite too! The others would probably mostly be disney and harry potter. I'm a nerd like that.

  6. I have only seen Labyrinth and Amadeus. May be parts of American Beauty?

    My favorite movie of all time is The Sound Of Music. And Mr. and Mrs. Smith 😉 Oh and all the Ocean's 11,12,13 movies. HOT.
    Katie recently posted..Shameless Vote Begging Time Again!

  7. I'm totally with you on Labyrinth, Crash and West Side Story. I'm ALSO a big fan of Steel Magnolias. Schindler's List and some girly movies like 10 Things I hate About You and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and of course Wedding Crashers and Hungover.

    I obviously have too many favorites!
    Little BGCG recently posted..WW- A Boy and His Dog

  8. in no order

    1. Cool Hand Luke

    2. The Godfather

    3. In Bruges

    4. Raiders of The Lost Ark

    5. Saving Private Ryan

    6. Lonesome Dove

    7. Alexander

    8. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang


    10. Pulp Fiction

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