Nellie Rose – 11 Months

Oh, Nellie. My Nellie. As of 4:15 PM today, you are 11 months old. Where has the time gone? Every day you become less of a baby.

Every time I watch you sitting and drinking your milk from your sippy cup, I am in awe. I almost have a toddler.

What have you been up to? Oh lady, what haven’t you been up to? You are crawling on hands and knees (you were just army crawling) now and pulling up on everything. You’ve learned the joys of clapping, and anytime someone yells, “Yaaaay!” you start flailing your arms around and eventually slap your palms together in a victorious clap. Then you look around expectantly, waiting for everyone to join you in your joy.

You can say “dada” and “mama”, and we think that you are trying to say “puff” (meaning your cereal puffs) and maybe even “look” when you point to things you’re interested in. We have a book of nursery rhymes with pictures in them and you can point out “pig” and “cat” every single time. Just the other day, you began taking mommy’s old pink cell phone that we let you play with, holding it up to your head and going, ” ‘Loooo?” or “Heh-ooooo?”. Just today, mommy taught you when you’re asked, “How big is Nellie?” or “How big?” you throw your arms above your head and we declare, “Soooo big!”
You are completely off the bottle now, only drinking out of sippy cups and formula is also a thing of the past… You are drinking whole milk now. You get a bit of whatever we are eating, providing that it’s not spicy.. And still no peanut butter or honey. Your first Christmas is coming up soon and you have some toys wrapped under the tree.

You are so silly. One of your favorite things is when we take your stuffed wolf, Lon Chaney, and make him sniff your butt and go “Shoooo!”. You cackle, and laugh, and crack us up. You’re beginning to give really good hugs, and you like to lean on me and daddy when you’re happy. Your hair is so long, especially your bangs. I know I’m going to have to trim them soon but I just can’t bring myself to do it yet.

Little lady, you’ve been in our lives for almost a full year and sometimes I wonder what I ever did without you. Every day you learn something new, do something funnier, and each morning I can’t wait to see what the day will bring.

Nellie Rose, we love you more than words can express. Happy 11 months, my brilliant daughter.