Texting & Driving

I’m guilty.

I admit it.

I have done it, more than I care to think about. My focus taken away from the wheel, from the road, for a split second. How many of us text and drive, not even thinking twice about it?
I can totally do it, I don’t even have to look at my phone.
It’s just a second. How much can happen in a second?

A second can be the difference between living, and dying. Of making your parents childless. Your spouse a widow.

Your child an orphan.

Please, watch this video. It’s almost 11 minutes long and it spoke to me. It made me feel ridiculous, irresponsible, and like an asshole for even thinking about texting & driving, let alone doing it. Because I have.. And I’m willing to bet that a lot of you reading this right now have, too. So please take a few moments and think…

What if someone you loved lost their life because of an LOL?

For my daughter, for my husband, for my family, I vow: Never again. I will not ever, even for a second, text and drive. If I absolutely have to answer someone at that very second, I will find a place to pull over and answer them. No text is worth my life.