Potty Humor

The other night, Nellie found something so hilarious, I had to get it on camera. Enjoy her cackles.

What was so funny? Daddy was making Nellie’s stuffed wolf – who I have named Lon Chaney –  sniff my butt and yell “shoooooo!”.

My daughter enjoys potty humor. I’m very proud.


  1. Ah, potty humor. At least there’s a chance she could grow out of finding it funny. My boys…not so much.
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  2. Oh I love it! Made my morning! Anything potty related makes my house laugh till our stomachs hurt too :)
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  3. What a cutie!!! I love listening to true baby laughs!
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  4. lolololololol

  5. hahaha, cuuuuute!!!

  6. So funny!

    That laugh definitely brightened my day!

  7. I just now got a chance to read this, and OMG ADORABLE! I love her laugh! Weird how babies like potty humor. Jackson laughs like that when we smell his feet and stay STINKY!!
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  8. Oh my God. That almost made me want to have a second kid. Almost. So cute!!
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