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We had a wonderful birthday celebration for Nellie at her Gran’s house. We invited only close family. In fact, the people who first saw her on the day of her birth were present at the celebration of her first year of life. You can see we didn’t go all-out with themes, favors, cupcake toppers, etc. We felt like it would have been more for us than her, and we will probably concentrate more on having a themed birthday party with other kids there next year.
Nellie was hesitant about the cake at first, but as you can see she dug in after a while. She even shared with her mama. Nellie got a lot of great presents. I made her smash cake and it was… Um.. Failriffic. See?

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Yyyyeah. It’s a sad little cake. It looks better than it did when I first made it, if you can believe it.

Nellie’s custom birthday onesie was made by my awesome & crafty friend, Rachel. She has also made Nellie various adorable hair bows, and even a hair bow holder. Because she is the bees’ knees.

My girl is 1. I can’t believe it. Her birthday was absolutely perfect.