I’m back from an amazing weekend with my chorus. We had a weekend-long retreat at Lake Guntersville, Alabama state park lodge. We sang, we worked our asses off on our contest music, we played games. We laughed, we shared meals, some of us drank way too much (that might have been me) Saturday night and woke up with an epic hangover on Sunday (also me). We. Had. Fun.

I was feeling anxious about the weekend away from Josh & Nellie, and also just a little nervous about how it’d go since I’ve been so absent from the chorus lately. Turns out I had no reason at all to be anxious or nervous. Everyone was, as they have always been, loving and accepting of me. Like I’ve been there every single Tuesday for the past year. The view from the lodge was breathtaking. I failed and only got one picture:

The chalet I stayed in with my quartet was great. I stepped into the shower on Friday and could have stayed all night. No hurrying to get done before naptime, nothing to do and nowhere to be… It was awesome.

I needed this past weekend. It rekindled my love and excitement for barbershop singing and I am so pumped for competition this March. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about in all of this, read this post and this post as well to get caught up.

I loved my weekend away, but I have to admit every time Josh would send me a picture of Nellie I would almost cry. When I swept her into my arms upon arriving back home yesterday, I breathed her in and covered her with kisses. I didn’t want to put her down but alas, my sweet little toddler wriggled free and wanted to crawl all around after a few minutes of snuggling. We took her out to the local Greenway to enjoy the unseasonably warm day we were having. It was great to be back in my family’s arms. My voice is absolutely wrecked from all the singing, laughing, and hollering I did but it’s worth it. I can’t wait for March!