Wordless Wednesday: 1 Year Ago

January 19th, 2010. 40w2d. Less than 12 hours before going into labor.


  1. Oh you poor thing… 40w3d when you delivered? Ugh… one second over 40 weeks would have been horrible.

    And happy 1st birthday, little baby! :)
    carri recently posted..Shut Your Face- Kaiser Nurse!

  2. I loved being pregnant too.

    I wish I would have had the presence of mind to take some belly pictures.

    Yours are adorable.

  3. I wish I had taken more belly pics!

    Becky recently posted..Wine

  4. Happy birthday!!! What a difference a year makes!
    Amy recently posted..boys will be boys

  5. I took 175 belly pictures, not counting random ones taken of me while pregnant lol. Hope her birthday tomorrow is good!!!

  6. aw, I miss my drink shelf…

  7. Oh my gosh! You still looked gorgeous. :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NELLIE!!

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