I mentioned the other day about our eventful and stinky trip to Olive Garden.

Unfortunately for my family, that was just the first incident of diarrhea that we were about to deal with. Thursday night, my husband and I were hit with the stomach plague from hell.

Without going into too much gory detail, Josh and I both got sick Thursday night with him getting the brunt of the sickness. Because Fate loves us, Nellie slept through without making a peep while Josh and I were busy running to and from the bathroom (we have two, thankfully) puking our guts out and sounding like angry dragons. I had eaten a few Doritos for dinner and I’m not real sure I’m going to ever be able to eat one again.

We woke up yesterday feeling puny as hell and begged Josh’s mother to come get Nellie and keep her for the day. Because she rocks, she obliged and we promptly crawled to bed and passed out. Midday, Josh was clammy and felt like death so we went to the Physician’s Care where he was diagnosed with severe dehydration and a stomach bacterial infection. EXCELLENT. He was given some Phrenegran and we were sent about our way. We put Nellie down for an early bedtime around 6:30… During the night Nellie woke up once – she had vomited all over herself & her crib. Let me tell you, bananas sure aren’t appetizing after they’ve come back up. Especially when your groggy toddler is covered in them at midnight. We cleaned her up quickly and put her back to sleep. She didn’t wake up until 10 AM. I had to creep in there at one point and check to make sure she was okay. She stayed awake for an hour before getting insanely cranky so we put her back down.. And she took a 2 and a half hour nap. She was up again for an hour before Lady CrankyPants showed back up. Back down she went. She’s been sleeping for an hour and a half.

I’m feeling okay – very weak from lack of eating but my stomach no longer feels like there is an angry ferret running about and chewing my stomach lining so.. Thumbs up to that!

I think that if it’s still relatively warm out when Nellie wakes up we’re going to try and get out and get some fresh air. We need it!