Baby #2 Bucket List

It’s no secret that we want more than one child. We’re not in any hurry, and I’ve decided to make a list of things that must happen and a list of things that I’d like to happen before we stop preventing and make Nellie a big sister!

Must Happen Before #2

  • 2nd Car: This is a deal-breaker. No 2nd car, no 2nd baby. Life is insane enough as it is with just one child and one car!
  • Achieve Pre-Pregnancy Weight: This means I have about 35 pounds to lose. Ugh.
  • Have At Least $3,000 In Savings: For maternity leave.

Would Like to Happen Before #2:

  • Get Down to 150 Pounds: I like being at this weight, it looks and feels good on me. But honestly, right now I’m focusing on getting down to  pre-pregnancy weight.
  • Have $5,000 In Savings: Self-explanatory.
  • Be In A House: Two babes in a 2 bedroom apartment would be awfully crowded. Doable, but crowded.

Fun Stuff:

  • Go to BlogHer: This is already in the works. I’m planning on attending in August of 2011 in San Diego!
  • Go to Six Flags By Ourselves: Josh and I used to go several times a year (we’re two hours away from a Six Flags). We haven’t been in almost three years!
  • Take At Least a Small Honeymoon: We never got a honeymoon and even if it’s just a weekend in Gatlinburg, I’d love to have some time alone with Josh!
  • Compete on the Sweet Adelines International Stage: A girl can dream, can’t she?

I’ve pasted this post into a page on my blog, so I can kind of look at it any time and reflect and plan for what needs to happen, or add to it as needed. I’m just now getting to the stage where I can wrap my brain around, and even feel excited about baby #2… Before, when someone would ask me, “When is Nellie going to become a big sister?” I’d feel like vomiting… Now I just kind of feel like smiling.