Nellie will be 14 months old on Sunday and she isn’t walking yet. As a mom, it’s hard not to worry especially when there are babies 2-4 months younger than she is that are not just walking, but running. I’ve been told not to worry about the fact that she’s not walking until closer to 16 months old but still… It’s hard not to be concerned sometimes.

As Nellie grows, her personality and her quirks emerge a little more each day. Nellie is, by nature, a very cautious and deliberate child. She doesn’t do something until she is absolutely ready and has it absolutely right. She army-crawled until 10 months. I would catch her on her hands and knees rocking occasionally but as soon as she knew someone was watching, she’d flop back down on her belly and crawl that way. When it came to pulling up, she would do it very hesitantly and if there was any shakiness or unbalance in her legs, she would immediately lower herself back down to the ground where it was safe. From talking to other mothers, I’ve found that when most toddlers decide they want to get back down to the ground after standing up, they just sort of toss themselves on the ground or allow themselves to fall onto their butts. But not Nellie! Oh, no. If she is standing and holding onto the couch and decides she needs to crawl somewhere? She will crouch down while still holding onto the couch until her butt is almost touching the ground and then she will let go.

She is the same way with her words. She first started babbling, “dada” on her six month birthday. But she didn’t just come right out and say it. She whispered it. We’d hear her whispering in her tiny little voice, “dadadadada” over the baby monitor and when we’d go into her room and encourage her to say it, she would just look at us and smile.

So it would seem that our little girl is a perfectionist. It’s the most amazing thing to see this aspect of her personality. I’m reminded of stories I’ve been told about when I was in pre-kindergarten and we were learning how to cut with scissors. I refused to cut in the class and my teachers were concerned about my motor skills. My mom found me in my room one day hunkered over a piece of paper with a pair of child’s scissors in my hand, cutting and cutting until I had it perfect. It was only then that I would cut in front of my peers and teachers; once I had mastered the art of manipulating a pair of scissors. I see this same trait in my Nellie and it’s really kind of amazing.

Nellie is very careful and does everything with purpose, but she is also very silly. She’s actually sillier than I could have ever imagined…. But that’s a subject for another post.

So taking into consideration Nellie’s cautious nature I guess it’s no surprise that she isn’t walking yet. She will when she’s ready, and when she knows for sure that she’s got it down. And when she does… The fun will really begin.



  1. Austin is like that too! he whispers words before he gets them.
    And um he's not walking… so….
    I think he's just scared… But you're right. They'll walk when they're ready!

  2. She is so cute! I think it's completely normal too, Jackson didn't walk until a little before his 14 month birthday, when he was positive he could walk without falling. He never did the "toddling around and fall" walk either, he just stood up and carefully walked around the house. They just do things at their own pace :)

  3. I definitely wouldn't worry. From us discussing and watching Bella and Nellie's personalities, I think she is just more cautious, careful, and wants to make sure she gets things right. You're probably right, she probably will be a little baby perfectionist! I know sometimes when the kids are together you are probably thinking, "Why is one walking and the other one isn't!" But there are lots of things that Nellie does that Bella doesn't, that I'm like, "Why isn't my kid doing THAT?!" Like: dancing, saying more words, and finding ways to get what she wants, like getting her penguin toothbrush to help her swat at an IPOD out of reach. They all do things at their on pace. =)

  4. My first child starting walking at 10 months. My second didn't start until around 15 months. It was frustrating for awhile because I wanted her to walk and she wasn't. But then one day, she did. I wouldn't worry at all that Nellie is 14 months and not walking. Children do things according to their own time line.

  5. My nephew didn't walk until 14 months and there are a handful of 12 and 13 month-olds in Sage's day care class that aren't walking yet. She'll walk soon enough.

    I once heard a comedian say that we spend the first year of their lives teaching our kids to walk and talk and the rest of their lives telling them to sit down and shut up. It's funny because it's true. You'll be amazed when Nellie takes her first steps, but you'll also have an "oh shit" moment, too.


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