Kumbaya, Bitches.

Before Nellie was born, my husband Josh was a brick mason. He started learning the trade when he was young from his dad, who owns his own brick masonry company. Work in construction was really, really good for a while. In the summertime, we made really great money. In the wintertime, not so much but there was almost always work to be done.

Then, the economy had an identity crisis of Lindsay Lohan proportions and became a big, hot mess. And suddenly, it became very hard to pay our bills. Work was scarce. I worked full-time and had benefits, but no one was building houses and we were hurting.

Just about two weeks before our daughter was born, Josh got a full-time job with health benefits. This allowed me to take a longer maternity leave, and seek other employment. I found an amazing job working with amazing women. I have the flexibility that every working mother craves, I make my own hours and it’s just generally made of awesome. Within the last few months, we finally got into a good financial place and were able to pay our bills and have money to spare.

And then the unexpected happened. My husband’s job wasn’t working out, and he had to resign. Suddenly we were left with just one income, no health insurance and both of us wondering what we were going to do. This was about a week and a half ago. Thankfully, my husband had a job interview yesterday and he landed a new job. Not only does this job have much more reasonable hours, but it’s more money. It’s going to be less stressful, it makes more sense transportation-wise (we share a car) and we are all going to have a lot more time together as a family.

I believe that everything happens for a reason, and while the loss of one job seemed like a huge blow at first it turns out that it might just be one of the best things that’s ever happened to us as a family. We are both definitely still riding on the high of this positive energy that’s come into our lives, and it feels like things are looking up for our family.

I mentioned on Twitter a few weeks ago that I felt like there was some dark, negative energy waiting for our family. Like it was lurking in the shadows, watching us and just itching to pounce. It struck once with the job situation and unfortunately, Josh’s Nana is very sick and is on her way out of this world so it will strike again, and soon.

I believe that you have to endure some negative in life – pay your dues, so to speak – to earn positive things. I think that the way you handle the negative acts as sort of a test; if you react negatively then it’s going to be a nasty cycle of bad.. But if you try and keep your chin up and make the best of it, good can come from that and the positivity you put out into the universe will come back around to you.

Okay, so now we all hold hands and sing Kumbaya and frolic amongst the trees and shit. I’ve probably made you all think I’m a nutter butter. But, it’s how I feel and what I believe.  I don’t talk much about my beliefs and my lack of love for organized religion, but there it is. I feel like things are going our way right now and that fate is smiling on us. We’ve endured a little bit of a rough patch and I think that we’ve come out stronger for it. I can only hope that things will continue to be positive, and that the family won’t take Nana’s passing too hard. Just gotta keep on swimming, and keep putting that positive energy out there. Kumbaya, bitches.