Your Baby is Walking? OMG! Congratulations! Your Life is Over.

I wrote a blog a while ago about how Nellie is a perfectionist. I commented that at nearly 15 months and still not walking it was hard not to worry.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, I can now stop worrying about her lack of walking and switch to worrying about something else,  because on Friday evening, this happened:

Now, Nellie’s been pulling up and cruising and taking a few unsure, wobbly steps for a few weeks now. Almost never more than 4, and always resulting in a tumble. This past Friday night I was sitting at the kitchen table and she was holding on to a nearby chair. I was looking at my laptop screen when all of a sudden, she let go of the chair and walked all the way across the living room. I looked at her for a good ten seconds before I realized what had just happened. There was no tumbling, no falling. It was as if my kid had just decided: “yep. I’m going to walk now.”

I promptly freaked out, and looked at my daughter who was standing in the living room. “Come here, Nellie! Come to mommy!” I squealed at her.

And then she did. She walked right back over to me. My daughter walked right over to me in that adorable, arms-up, wobbly toddler way. I squealed again and scooped her up, hugging her and praising how amazing she was. Because, duh, she’s the first kid ever to do this.  Then I snatched up the camera and took the video above. Please note my awesome parenting skills as my kid tries to play with an electrical socket.

After a few more treks about the apartment to make sure that this was for real, I announced to my Facebook friends and family that she was finally, officially walking. I was met with congratulations from everyone, but also:

“Your life is over!”

“Welcome to a whole new world!”

“Did I mention your life is over?”

“Put everything you own on top of the fridge.”

“Hide your kids, hide your wife.” (ok, I made that one up.)

“Hey! Did you know your life is over?”

So far, my life is still very much marching on and I love watching her walk. She’s so cute in her wobbly, crazy steps. I’m still not used to the sight of my tiny daughter walking but it gives me a thrill every time I see it. She has also entered a super cuddly phase, where she will give you a hug if you ask her. She also likes to force Josh and I to kiss, but that’s a whole different post.

Dear readers, I have officially entered the realm of having a toddler. A real, toddling toddler. Is my life over? No. It actually feels like the excitement has just begun.


  1. I have to admit, I sort of feel like my life is over. Ever since Liam really got to walking.. he is in to so much more and is constantly having mini-tantrums over whatever it is he is going for that he is not allowed to have. My time spent simply managing him and making sure he doesn't kill himself has tripled… and since I don't want that to cut into any time I spend cuddling or playing with him..and it can't cut into general maintenance (feeding, changing, bathing, etc.)… it feels like pretty much anything that does not involve Liam's care during waking hours has been nixed out of necessity. I think things will get easier once we add verbal communication into the mix, but for now.. those warnings definitely held true for us. I don't think that would be my first reaction to hearing of another baby walking though… because everything depends so much on the kid. Nellie is such a sweet baby, I am sure walking isn't going to drastically alter her personality. Liam has always been trouble, walking just gave him a new avenue. Ha, ha. :)

  2. : ) i was soooo hesitant for my Lovie to start walking (she started pretty early tho at 10.5 months) because it was one more thing gearing her toward the eyeroll stage… but honest to god, life is SO much more enjoyable since she started walking. she's emerged into this awesome little… kid. she's still a baby, still MY baby, but she's even more fun now (which i didn't think was possible)! ENJOY!!

  3. Yippee! Congratulations! I won't say that your life is over, just that your new exercise routine has begun :-)

  4. Jensen has been into less things WALKING, then he did crawling. Probably because he loves that he can get around now and do more things with us. But I do think a lot of kids use this as the time to get into stuff, hence the warnings. But it is super cute and super fun. Yay Nellie!

  5. GO Nellie! And uh…. your life is over 😉
    haha. not really. Now you enter toddlerdom. It's tiring, but mostly fun. Enjoy your toddler 😉

  6. I thought I'd dread the walking stage but once I saw what crawling was like, I welcomed walking. At least her hands won't be ALL over every dirty floor they encounter now and she won't tear up her little knees because she wants to crawl on the sidewalk. When your life is really over is when they learn to escape from their stroller…

  7. So, I'm a Dad, and for Dads, life is just beginning! The more awesome things a kid can do: Scale trees, back flips, huge leaps, and other acrobatics, the more the dad likes it — at least me. Pawn the toddler to her Dad more.

    Love how Nellie went right for the electrical cord. She's my kind of girl.

    I got here from Truthful Mommy where you wrote that you wanted people to comment on your awesome stuff. Well, I'm here commenting on your awesome stuff! I'll add you to the feedreader.

  8. Congrats! I was so excited when my kids walked. It is a whole new world, and it's a different kind of world. But it's a world filled with love! Oh but wait till she gets out of her bed and stairs you dead in the face at 2:00 am only to scare the crap out of you!! Now that is a fun world!

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  11. Yippee! Congratulations! I won’t say that your life is over, just that your new exercise routine has begun :-) zombie strategy games

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