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I love blogging. I love reading blogs. I love saying the word “blog”. Blog, blog, blog. Bloggity blog. I myself have been (say it with me) blogging since I really even knew such a thing existed. I started writing on LiveJournal in 2001 at the tender age of 17. Little did I know that what I was doing was actually blogging (okay, now you have to take a shot every time I say any variation of the word “blog”). I digress. This post is about 5 bloggers that I love, and this is really hard for me to narrow down. I read a LOT of blogs, and it’s hard for me to decide which writers to feature here. I admire people who can blog long-term and still keep their loyal readers and keep their content fresh and interesting. I admire women who can write. I admire women who are funny. This list contains a little of all of those types of women.

  • The Bloggess: I’ve been reading The Bloggess since before I started this blog and knew how big the blogosphere was. Jenny is one of the funniest women I’ve ever read, and she is my blogging idol. Every single time I read a post of hers, I am shaking my head and thinking, “I will never be this funny”. She manages to write in her own unique style, and that style speaks to my bizarre sense of humor beautifully. If I meet her at BlogHer this coming August, I make no promises that I won’t do something extraordinarily embarrassing, like lick her face or beg her to take a picture of both of our thumbs or something.
  • All & Sundry: This is a relatively new discovery. My coworker Lisa turned me on to this blog, telling me that she loved the writing and I am really glad that she did. The author, Linda, weaves her words in a way that is a pleasure to read. She is funny, she is heartfelt, and she is just a damn good writer.
  • The Spohrs Are Multiplying: Another blogger I’d love to run into at BlogHer; Heather writes in a way that speaks to me. I began reading her blog after her older daughter, Madeline, passed away suddenly in April of 2009. She and her husband Mike had a daughter, Annabel, just a few days after I had Nellie. Heather and Mike are clever, creative, and their posts about Madeline break my heart. I’ve read a lot of blogs where the loss of a child was involved, but their posts about Maddie make me cry without fail. Something about the way they write grabs my soul and tears it open. They also write a lot about adorable Annabel, and feature hilarious and clever videos of her and their dog Rigby regularly.
  • Salt Says: Salt is a terribly clever blogger. She is another one who writes really well, and manages to be funny pretty much all the time. She unfortunately hasn’t blogged in almost two months (AHEM, SALT) and I miss her posts like crazy. She writes about all sorts of things, from pop culture to funny things that happen to her.. She is always clever and again, can actually write really well.
  • Mommy Wants Vodka: I love Aunt Becky, mostly because I also want vodka. I actually really like Aunt Becky a lot because she’s another hysterical blogger with a brain like mine. Her sense of humor and writing are both really random, and I almost always laugh out loud at her posts. The only time I don’t laugh out loud is when she’s not trying to be funny, and then I don’t laugh because I don’t laugh at people when they’re blogging about serious things, because that’s mean.

So that was really difficult. Like I said, I love a lot of blogs. It was hard to choose just five bloggers to give a shout-out to in this post. I hope that maybe you’ve found a new blog to follow from this post!

Who are some of your favorite bloggers?

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