Memorial Day 2011 {Photo Post}

We had a fun Memorial Day. I took Nellie swimming (which she liked once she trusted me enough not to drop her in the pool) and we ended the day with a cookout with ten of our good friends..

And also four toddlers (ages 13-18 months), one six month old, a four year old, and a partridge in a pear tree.

Yes, we’re insane. Here are a few pictures from the cookout.

And then I went crazy, and decided to try and get a picture of all the children together.


We had a really great time despite the crazy heat and general chaos. See those little small pebbles? Yeah, Nellie was hellbent on eating those things and she even tried to get her friends to eat them. I actually caught her putting one in her friend Bella’s mouth. My kid’s a Rock Pusher.

We welcomed summer with a big, toddler-y hurrah. Bring on the sunshine!