Adventures in Daycare: Day One.

Yesterday was Nellie’s first day of “school”. We’re calling it school to kind of get her used to the term and the concept, and her daycare does a lot of teaching so it just seems appropriate to call it school.

I had planned on getting here there by 8:00 so she could eat breakfast, but when 7:45 A.M. rolled around and my little boo was still sleeping, I figured that breakfast at school was a bust. I ended up waking her up around 7:50, getting her dressed, feeding her and off we went.

She was shy at first and didn’t want me to put her down. She clung to me like a little monkey until I brought her by the toys when she squirmed and declared, “Down. Down!” I put her down and let her play with a little toy keyboard they had while I chatted with one of her “teachers”. I told her I was going to put Fox back in her diaper bag and she started whining and ran over to me, throwing her arms around my legs.

Uh oh.

I took her with me to put Fox away, to sign her in for the day and then hung around her for a few more minutes while she played. Each time I mentioned that I was going to have to leave, she started to whimper and hug my legs. Before long, I really did have to go so I scooped her up and hugged her. She buried her face in my neck and wrapped her arms around me as tight as she could. Feeling like my heart was breaking, I gently pried her off me and smiled brightly at her. I told her how much fun she was going to have today, that Mama would be back later and handed her over to one of her teachers. She started to cry hard with big fat tears running down her cheeks. Every Mama instinct in me cried out, “GIVE HER BACK! GIVE MY BABY BACK!” I was tempted to grab her and run out the door and never look back, assuring her that Mama would never ever leave her again. Hope you like rooming with your Mama at college, Nellie.

I didn’t do any of those things. I smiled at Nellie and said bye bye, and forced myself out the door. As I walked away I heard her cries and my heart broke just a bit more.

I held out until around lunchtime before I called school and asked how she was doing. The woman who answered checked, and assured me that she had been doing really well and had been playing all day. I felt better, but Nellie had yet to encounter her first naptime her new environment.

When I went to pick her up, I walked into her room and she had her back to me. “Nellie,” I said to her. She didn’t turn. “Neeeeellliiieee,” I repeated, smiling. She turned to face me. A huge smile broke out on her beautiful little face and she ran to me. I grabbed up my baby girl and hugged her tight.
“MAMA.” she declared, pointing at me.
“Mama,” I agreed with a smile and a kiss.
I collected her daily report and talked with her teacher briefly. Nellie played hard, ate a little lunch and only napped thirty minutes. Not a terrible day considering it was her first, but hopefully today she will nap longer. I know it’ll take some getting used to, napping in this new place.

So both Nellie and Mama survived the first day of “school”. Let’s hope that today will be easier on us both.

Nellie’s first day of “school”. Pardon the quality; cell phone picture.

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