No, YOU Go Find YOUR Niche.

Find your niche. Find your tribe. Find like-minded people. Niche niche nichey niche Mc Nicherton. If you blog, if you Tweet, if you are friends with other bloggers you know that one of the first pieces of advice you get while blogging is to “find your niche” and stick to it. “Find your tribe”.

What the fuck are you supposed to do if you don’t HAVE a niche? What if you are niche-less? That’s how I view myself and my blog. I don’t have a niche. I’m not crafty, I’m not crunchy, I’m not fashionable and I don’t do a lot of giveaways. I try to be funny but I can’t be funny all the time. I don’t know how humor bloggers do it because sometimes, I’m just not frigging funny. So what the hell is my niche? Where is the place in the blogging world for those of us who are niche-less?

If you know me in real life, you know that random is kind of who and what I am. I have always had a very random and eclectic sense of humor, taste in movies, taste in music. I like all sorts of different things and I laugh at really off-the-wall shit. My coworkers never know what the hell I’m going to say. I don’t even know what the hell I’m going to say most of the time until it comes out of my mouth and then I’m like, “That was the most random shit ever. What the fuck, brain?” and it’s like “LET’S GO PLAY HOPSCOTCH WITH A WOLF.” and I’m like “…………….”
I consider myself kind of strange and I have a hard time fitting in with real people so finding a “tribe” on the internet? Pffff. What the fuck ever. People probably read this blog and think I’m a lunatic. One minute I’m talking about my beautiful toddler and the next I’m dropping F-Bombs and cursing my fat rolls and mustache. Where the hell is the niche in that?

Maybe my niche is “random”. Keeping you on your toes. Making you feel like you’re trapped in a windowless room with a crazy person and a hungry wolverine. My brain is like a little hummingbird that flits about from subject to subject and I guess all of you reading are just stuck with me and my niche-less ass. Thanks for sticking around through the Crazy. I really do appreciate it.


  1. I totally understand. When I went to Blissdom a couple years ago a lot of the discussions touched on finding a niche. I think that’s great for some people if that’s your thing. But if you’re not trying to make a full-time living off your blog, there’s no reason to stress over it.

    For the record, I love reading your site — from the touching things (like Nellie climbing the lion – I got a bit misty over that) to the funny! I think being brave enough to be so open and honest about sharing pieces of your life through your blog can be a niche in a sense. You’re a lifeblogger :)
    Mandi recently posted..Anxiety and Change

  2. i love being me. One of a kind. Liking what I like and disliking what I don’t. I want to appeal to all kinds of different people. I don’t want to be fenced in by a “niche.”
    Nicole Johnson recently posted..A cool, refreshing treat!

  3. I totally get that. I have no niche myself- I’m not a Mom, I’m not into crafts, I barely can get myself presentable to leave the house let alone wear anything worth picturing….yeah, I think I’m random too. But that is why you’re one of my favorites. My Mom and I still talk about your Olive Garden poo story. :-)
    Honey B. recently posted..The Man-Privy, Coming Soon to Stores Near You…

  4. I don’t have a niche either. I have readers who are moms, single women, married women with no kids, stay-at-home moms, working moms, MEN (shocker!) of all ages, people who write blogs something like mine and people who don’t have blogs at all. I can’t figure out what draws each of them, but I guess I have something for all of them.

    Meanwhile I mostly read food blogs and attachment parenting blogs. But those rarely follow me back.

    Forget niches. Write what you want to write, and people who want to read it will find you. They always do.
    Sheila recently posted..Creative Ways to Introduce Your Picky Eater to New Foods

  5. P.S. Anyway, don’t people get tired of reading the same thing all the time? I like to think that the variety I offer keeps people always finding something new.
    Sheila recently posted..Creative Ways to Introduce Your Picky Eater to New Foods

  6. Meh. Do whatever you want. It’s your little space of the internet so you might as well make it how YOU like it!
    Carri recently posted..Summer Smashed in Ventura County, Ca

  7. I know how it is important to have some thing that is more of unknown and perfect and the niche in any thing. I feel this is something really good and impressive on the article to inspire and ignite the small things in our surroundings and communities.
    Lola T recently posted..Agua de alpiste

  8. Yeap,I feel perfection in one industry will always help us in making a niche community and this is always the best way to attract more number of characters and customers and the needs can be satisfied to make our communities the best.
    Lea G recently posted..Painful menstrual cramps take a physical toll on most women

  9. I too am niche less. I’ve tried, but I just don’t fit in to one mold. Once, someone told me I was a “lifestyle” blogger. Hmmmmm.
    Roses daughter recently posted..SOC:God Laughs…

  10. There’s really no need to have a niche. Just blog on whatever you feel like at the moment. Blogging on whatever topic comes to mind is what makes your site as interesting as it is! Besides, it can get pretty tiring to blog on topics that are all related somehow or another right?
    Kerri recently posted..Aluminum John Boats

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