Repeat After Me

Nellie never ceases to amaze me with her vocabulary. I’ve tried to count how many words she knows but get lost somewhere around 50. Some of her most recent favorite things to say include:

  • My-Mahhh! (Spider-Man)
  • Kulk! (Hulk)
  • Seeeoooww (Thor)
  • Lo-lee (Loki)
    Seeing a pattern yet?
  • Ma MA!!
  • Bye ‘coo! (Bye school!)
  • Ni-nigh (night-night)
  • Shoow? Shoow? (paired with the sign for “more”, this is her word for more)

Today, she also learned that when I say, “Who wants to go to Gran’s?” she enthusiastically responds, “Ah do! Ah do!” This also works for:

  • Who wants a million dollars? (ah do!)
  • Who wants some cheese? (ah do!)
  • Who wants to sniff daddy’s feet? (ah do!)
  • Who wants a booger pie? (ah do!)

Toddlers are fun. You can make them say gross stuff and they don’t even realize it. It’s pretty much the best ever. We’re having a lot of fun with her growing vocabulary and miraculously, she still hasn’t repeated her first swear word.

What kinds of fun things does your toddler say that cracks you up/makes you smile/makes you gasp and want to change your name and join the Witness Protection Program?



  1. I’m particularly fond of the way Theo says “poop!” every time he poops. Or pees. Or I fart. Or his dad farts. Or he sees a diaper. Or I go into the bathroom. Potty brain. Be glad you have a girl! Along the same lines…he does repeat one curse word. “Oh shet!”
    ~C~ @ mommy in the midwest recently posted..letting go (just a little bit)

  2. Kaytee (from MOB) says:

    Cade is amazing. She hurt her arm one day while Brad was at work (with the only car). Her Gran took us to the doctor to make sure it was alright. I had a chest cold and was coughing a lot at the time, so now whenever she coughs or hears me cough she says “ahhm boo-boo! Gan dah-tuh! (“arm boo-boo! Gran doctor!”).
    She also does the “poop” thing whenever she farts, or poops, or baby farts or poops, or Daddy farts. It’s not just a boy thing, lol.
    All in all, she’s a wonderful, silly, amazing little ball of chaos. Toddlers are super fun :)

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