Surviving the First Clean Eating Temptation.

Tonight my daughter’s daycare had an open house. It was the first one they’ve held since she started this summer and I was excited. An open house! At my daughter’s “school”! This was another one of those “holy fuck I’m actually a parent” type moments. I have a kid. I go to open houses. I bring home her artwork. Oh, and I also pushed her out of my vagina. But whatevs.

This post isn’t about my kid’s artwork OR my vagina (too bad for you). This post is about how I survived my first temptation since really beginning my clean eating journey. At the open house, there was food. Not anything fancy or extravagant but they had grapes and strawberries (with yogurt dip), broccoli, carrots, cherry tomatoes and celery… And they also had chicken salad sandwiches, spinach-artichoke dip, brownies, cake… All sort of foods that I would normally be all over. Let me tell you, I wanted that spinach-artichoke dip. But instead of loading my plate with preservatives, carbs, saturated fats and gods-know-what-else, I piled it with the fresh fruit and veggies…. And no yogurt dip or Ranch dressing.

I felt very proud of myself as I ate my selections! I love parties, and I love to snack on party food so this was a big hurdle for me to overcome. Now don’t get me wrong, I plan on having cheat days… I happen to be saving up for a big one coming up next week. My best friend’s getting married and her bachelorette party is coming up, and I plan on having fun and not worrying about what I’m eating/drinking that night. But in order to do it in good conscience, I have to save up and be good until then.

It actually wasn’t terribly difficult. All I could think about when I looked at the food on the table was how I had no idea what was in everything that was there.. And that made me not want to eat it and stick to the items that I knew I could count on being whole and clean.

Natalie: 1, Junk Food: 0. Booyah.