Adventures in Eating Clean

About two weeks ago, I posted about how I wanted to start eating clean. I went to Chicago pretty soon after that, and needless to say clean eating was shot in the butt for those five days I was up North. There was a lot of food, wine, and beer and I enjoyed all of it. When I got back and went to the grocery store, I was ready. I collected a few recipes, made a menu plan and off I went.

I’ve tried five clean eating recipes so far, all from The Gracious Pantry.

  • Clean Eating Stir Fry: O.M.G. Amazing. AMAZING. This clean stir fry is loaded with flavor. Brown rice, bok choy, cabbage, onion & garlic powder and eggs make this delicious and packed with goodies.
  • Clean Eating Chicken & Rice Soup: This turned out…… Okay. But it was all my fault, not the recipe’s. I put WAY too much brown rice and not enough chicken. It was very bland, but with a little salt it ended up being okay. Also, this recipe calls for parsnips and I’d never had a parsnip before. I’m not sure that I’m a huge fan. I can’t really decide if I like the flavor again. I will try this recipe a 2nd time, keeping in mind to put more chicken and less rice. Because mine came out kind of mushy.
  • Clean Eating Breakfast Pita: Yum. Yum. Yum! Eggs (the recipe calls for whites; I used whole eggs), spinach, and red pepper plus garlic & onion powder make this delicious. I felt full after just one! This was super easy to make and very tasty.
  • Clean Eating Quick Pizza: This was good! The recipe calls for cottage cheese.. But cottage cheese makes me wanna yarf, so at the suggestion of my clean-eating friend Michelle I tried ricotta cheese instead. I made this at my office and almost everyone was craning their necks to see what my yummy-smelling lunch concoction was!
  • Clean Eating Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal: More yuminess. I didn’t stay 100% true to the recipe, mostly because I couldn’t find any damn pumpkin pie spice. I found it at my local organic grocery (for almost $5!! OMG) so I just kind of winged it. I put in the pumpkin puree and sweetened it with Stevia and it was really good and filling! I didn’t put walnuts on top of it either, because walnuts are expensive like whoa.

I’m really enjoying clean eating so far. I do not feel deprived; not even a little bit! I’m looking at ingredients in a whole new way. When I see a pre-packaged cereal bar or dessert cake now, I cringe thinking about the artificial junk in it. I have run into some roadblocks, mainly the availability of whole food at a reasonable price. We are on a budget, and I’ve had to settle for some less than clean items. I have actually been shocked at how even some “organic” brands are packed with sodium, and have added sugar (something I’m trying to stay away from).

I bought low sodium chicken broth that was about the cleanest I could find at my normal grocery store. I stopped by a local organic grocery store today and bought some from them. When I got home, my jaw dropped at the comparison: what I thought was a pretty clean chicken broth ended up having 540mg of sodium where my organic chicken broth had 140mg. That’s a huge difference. Pita bread has been another hard-to-come-by item. I managed to find some whole wheat pita bread but again: added sugar. Yeast. Gluten. Blech. I peeked at the whole wheat pitas at the organic grocery, and they were really clean! I picked up some clean peanut butter (finally) and browsed around the organic grocery store to do some pricing to see what items were within my budget. I cannot shop there exclusively, but I was surprised to see that there were many comparable prices to my normal grocery store.

On next week’s menu I’ll be trying two new recipes: butternut squash lasagna and pumpkin chili! Stay tuned for more adventures in eating clean :)



  1. That looks awesome!!! good for you! I REALLYYYYYY need to do this…
    Katie recently posted..Almost Two

    • You can do it! It’s not as hard to make the switch as you’d think. It’s not like a diet or a calorie-counting plan where you have to watch what you eat like a hawk.. I’m still eating really delicious food. And I’ve felt more satisfied eating these types of foods! I don’t feel bloated or gross or tired after I eat, and I get to eat more often because I’m eating lots of fruits & veggies in between meals! The hardest part is the monetary burden because it is a little more expensive at first.

  2. Thank you for being my personal instructor on this issue. My partner and i enjoyed your own article very much and most of all enjoyed reading the way you handled the issues I thought to be controversial.

  3. I picked up some pumpkin pie spice this week! I am making the pumpkin pie oatmeal for Liam this weekend, I am excited to see how it turns out. Also.. the zucchini bread is really good– if you enjoy nutmeg. I liked it a lot and the only thing I had to pick up to make it was nutmeg because most of the ingredients I already had on hand.
    Michelle recently posted..Still Glowing

  4. I’m way impressed. Marmot and I were just having a discussion about our ongoing GI issues…oh the excitement of married life…and how we need to see if eating better would help those issues. Heading to Gracious Pantry to check out Clean Eating 101!
    Honey B. recently posted..Security Breach in La Familia

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