Clean Eating Update, Bachelorette Parties A.K.A, Life Lately.

Hey! So, I haven’t been around much lately. Sorry ‘bout that. There’s been a lot going on and I’m having internet issues, blah blah blah, etc. and so on.

So what’s been happening? Well, for one, I’m doing so-so with clean eating. It all started a few Friday nights ago with my best friend’s bachelorette party. Let’s just say that wine, buttery nipples (the shot, not actual nipples covered in butter though some of you weirdos may find that appealing), strawberry champagne and god knows what else aren’t exactly clean eating. Oh, and also, all of those things in a really short amount of time on a slightly empty stomach when you haven’t had any alcohol/sugar/processed foods in two weeks = being completely hammered before 9:30 and throwing up at the first bar you go to. I also told a random person on the street wearing a blue wig that I loved his/her wig (I don’t remember if it was a dude or a chick), I fell down at a karaoke bar, and remember being at each and every bar we went to (about 6) with the exception of one.. Which my best friend the bachelorette tells me that I was at. She told me about us going, sitting down for a while, and I have zero recollection of being there. Absolutely none. Fantastic.

I had a really great time, except the next day I was absolutely 100% useless and miserable. I managed to drag my ass to the zoo with my husband and child. It was free day which translated to everyone in the history of everything was there to stare at the damn monkeys and fat-ass raccoons, and it also meant that I almost vomited in all of the trashcans. 5 years ago, I guarantee I would have been slightly hungover but still functional, and I probably would have gone drinking that night also. I’m too old for this shit.

Our grocery budget has been tight the past few weeks, so I wasn’t able to buy all of the clean foods I’d like. I did okay eating leftovers from last week (YAY FOR FREEZING FOOD), but I’ve had more slips this week than I care to think about. I’m trying to focus on this week, and vow to do better moving forward. I can tell the difference. My body is feeling icky from the stuff I’ve been eating and I don’t like that.

So that’s how clean eating has gone. I’m trying to get my crap together with budgeting (weekly daycare expenses kind of threw a wrench in the system I’ve had all of my adult life and I’m still trying to adjust). I got my first issue of Clean Eating Magazine, and cannot wait to try some of the delicious-looking recipes in it! My best friend’s wedding is was a few weekends ago, and Nellie and I were both in it. We had a really great time and Nellie and her fellow flowergirl (and daughter of the bride and groom) were precious together.

So that’s what’s been going on lately. I’m not sure when I’ll be able to post regularly again, so my posts will probably be sporadic for a while. I do have some giveaways coming up soon as well as a few funny stories and hopefully some cute Halloween pictures. Nellie enjoyed her costume. We’ve been planning her 2nd birthday party, which blows my effing mind. She’s going to be two in a little over two months. Where does the time go?

Adios for now, friends. Keep it gangsta.






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