The Return of the Holidays

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Hi, everyone! Remember me? I’m the one who writes this blog. You know, Mommy Boots? I’m still around, I’m fine, Nellie’s fine, everyone’s fine. Our internet’s not so fine but whatever. I promise I will write an update post soon, but for now I want to talk about the holidays.

I know, I know. You’re still knee-deep in Halloween candy and you’ve barely managed to get the toilet paper un-stuck from the limbs of your trees but hear me out. I’ve already written one post about my love for pumpkin spice (I love it so much, I literally bleed for it) but now I want to spaz a little bit about my love for the holiday season.

I love Thanksgiving and Christmas. For me, the Christmas season isn’t allowed to begin until Thanksgiving is over. Pretty much as the last bite of turkey is ingested, I am ready to run and pull out all of my Christmas decorations. Last year I even jumped the gun a little and put my stuff out early. I couldn’t help it. For a few years, after Thanksgiving dinner was done and we were home for the night, we’d put on National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and decorate our tree.

I love everything about the Christmas season. I love the smells, the music, the decorations.. I love it all. One of the things I get the most joy out of (after Thanksgiving, of course) is setting up my Christmas station on Pandora. I’m picky about my holiday tunes; if I hear too many different renditions of Jingle Bells I feel a little homicidal so I like a lot of variety in my holiday tunes. Holiday movies are another big mood-inducer for me. Christmas Vacation, Home Alone, Love Actually are just a few that I have to watch to get into the holiday spirit.

We’ve already established that I like holiday candles. Christmas is no exception. I like to fill my house with that Christmas-y pine scent, and there is one candle that’s mint vanilla or something that I drool over. I love Yankee Candle but not the price, so I usually opt for something from Wal-Mart or Target that’s not so scary on my wallet.

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There’s something comforting about settling in to watch a few shows or blog with the soft glow of a Christmas tree beside you. It gives me warm fuzzies and I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s because some of my favorite childhood memories are of the holidays, or maybe I’m just a sucker for small lights on a tree. I am kind of easily amused and distrac-oh and I forgot to talk about Christmas morning!

When I was a kid, I would always be up at like 4 A.M. practically having a panic attack I was so anxious to open presents. Once first light hit I was at my parents, clawing frantically at them and begging to open gifts. They’d roll out of bed and lazily head to the kitchen where they’d brew a pot of coffee. I’d be crouched in the living room, gift in hand, poised rip open the merry face of several Santas beaming up at me from the wrapping paper. They’d eventually come out with cups of coffee, dig around for eleven hours for a Christmas mix tape and pop it in. It wasn’t until the grown-ups had their coffee, the music, and were settled that my brother and I could dig into our presents.

It seems that I’ve inherited my parents’ love for torturing their children, because last Christmas I did the exact same thing. Nellie wasn’t old enough to have the Christmas Morning Antsies, but I didn’t want her opening presents until I had my cup of coffee, my pine tree candle lit, and my Christmas Pandora station open and playing. There, in the soft comforting glow of the tree I helped my daughter open her first Christmas gifts.

I experienced more joy and excitement that day than all of the Christmases of my childhood combined. There are a lot of things I love about the holiday season; the smells, the sights, and the music but the one thing that brings me the greatest satisfaction and most joy is anticipating the look on my daughter’s face when she experiences the holidays for herself. That, to me, is greater than any gift that I could receive.

What are some holiday traditions that bring you comfort and joy?

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  1. I love love love Yankee Candle. But you are right, they are expensive. Solution? Buy a tart warmer. The thing that plugs in and uses a light to melt the wax. Buy the Yankee candle tarts! I always buy them when they are on sale for a dollar. They are on sale a lot. Otherwise they are like 2 bucks. I can promise that ONE tart in just one warmer would FILL your apartment with those yankee candle scents we love. (they should pay me for this comment…) I use those tart warmers a lot. Sparkling Cinnamon from yankee rocks!

  2. I’m having a terrible time getting into the Holiday spirit so far, though it’s pretttty early yet. Part of it I think is that up until today, it’s still been in the 80’s for us here. It feels much more like Easter than Christmas. That being said, I need to snap into it, because we’ve got a lot of planning to do with Ava’s birthday being three days afterwards!

    Let the anxiety-induced caffeine consumption begin!

  3. Yeah, I do love too all about Christmas season. I love the smells of the wind, the music, the decorations.. I love it all. One of the things I love the most to do is setting up my Christmas station under our stairs.
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  4. Aishiteru says:

    I really am so excited for the Holiday.. I really miss the bonding that we have in Christmas with my family… I can feel now the spirit of Christmas.. :)
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  5. Your post reminded me of the fact that my best friend used to walk around with a pine scented candle for 2 months at the end of every year. Ha!
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