Reasons My Family Is Weird.

My family is weird. I have always known that I’m a little odd, and my husband can be a bit offbeat but now that we have a little mini-us, it’s becoming more and more apparent as time goes by. Here are some reason that my little family of three is weird:

  • My daughter’s favorite movie is Coraline. If you haven’t seen it, it’s about a little girl who journeys to an “other world” where she has an “other mother” and “other father”. Everyone in this world has buttons sewn into their eyes. The “other mother” turns out to be a horrid creature called a Beldam who wants to sew buttons into Coraline’s eyes and eat her.
  • Her second favorite movie is 9. 9 is a post-apocalyptic type movie featuring weird creatures made out of burlap sacks and various mechanical parts.
  • As a result of her watching 9, we sometimes play “Run From the Bone-Cat” which involves her yelling, “RUN 9!” while we reply “RUN! RUN FROM THE BONE-CAT!” while growling fiercely. Sometimes we play this game in public places.
  • We’ve heard ourselves uttering the phrase, “No, Nellie, don’t put River Tam in your mouth” while she is playing with our Firefly figures.
  • When telling your daughter’s daycare teacher that you put not a star at the top of the tree this year, but an action figure Fantastic Four Thing with a drum wrapped around his body it elicits a look of confusion and you realize that maybe you should have just kept that to yourself.
  • Nellie can point out and name every member of the Avengers plus several other Marvel characters.. With the exception of Ms. Marvel. That one she calls “Mama”, which is just fine by me.
  • Nellie will toddle over holding a copy of Treasure Island, wanting you to read it to her.
  • On Old MacDonald’s farm on any given day, you will find a cat, a goose, a duck, Spider-Man, a shoe, a shark, a “9”, Coraline, the Lion King, and jingle bells.
  • She calls the moon “Sister Moon”.
  • She got that interactive Jingle husky dog book as a Christmas gift and when we asked her what the dog’s name was, she replied, “Hades”.
  • She is actually Luna Lovegood.

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I love my weird little family.